Catherine Could Be In Trouble On 'HTGAWM'

Still reeling over the final moments of How to Get Away with Murder's "Skanks Get Shanked" episode? Cool, me too. A lot happens on How to Get Away with Murder, but nothing compares to the show's final minutes, where sh*t usually hits the fans and blows the minds of many for a week, until answers are revealed. One question I have after "Skanks Get Shanked" is if one part of the HTGAWM sibling-killers duo, Catherine, is dead? There's not a lot of evidence supporting it, but I've seen enough of Annalise Keating's ways and I have a pretty active imagination to come with some reasons that Catherine might have died in the same mansion that Annalise was dying at.

It all starts with Caleb and Catherine basically being inseparable. These two are always hanging together — not in an incest way — and it's very rare that they aren't by each other's side. Can you blame them? They're front page news for possibly killing their parents. I'd want a buddy for that, too. But, if Caleb and Catherine are always together, why wasn't Catherine with Caleb in that apartment Michaela met him at in the final scene? Was she sleeping? In the bathroom? Or was she back at her mansion... not doing so good. I repeat, these two are never not by each other's side. (See below.)

Speaking of "good," let's talk about how that word is probably the least convincing word to use when trying to convince someone that everything is A-OK. When Michaela met with Caleb, he asked her "how is she?" and Michaela responded, "Good," which is weird, because she literally just left Annalise Keating to die in a pool of blood. This makes me think that she wasn't talking about Annalise. Instead, my theory is that both Michaela and Caleb were talking about Catherine. My guess is something happened to Catherine back at the mansion, and Michaela didn't want to tell Caleb that things weren't good.

It should also be noted that before Michaela went into the apartment where Caleb was hiding out (because he's definitely hiding out, right?), Laurel, Connor, Wes, and Nate (who's now rolling dirty with the Keating 5) told her to not screw up when she went in there. So, what's that about, guys? Can't we all just get along and stop being so cryptic?

So if Catherine is dead — or MIA — and Emily, the prosecutor trying to convict the Hapstall siblings for murder, is dead, and Annalise is almost dead, I've got one question for you, Shonda Rhimes. What the hell happened in that house, and how many more seasons am I going to have to wait to find out?

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC (2)