The Siblings On 'HTGAWM' Should Not Be Trusted

Most episodes of the first season of How to Get Away with Murder involved an episode-long mystery that was usually solved and delivered to your doorstep with a big shiny bow on it by the end credits. I never really paid attention to those mysteries. Sorry I was busy trying to figure out who killed Sam and Lila. So, imagine my surprise when the possible killer siblings on the HTGAWM Season 2 premiere turned out to play a key role in the current season. But, how are Catherine and Caleb Hapstall involved in HTGAWM ? That is certainly something that is going to develop as the season progresses, but at this point, just keep an eye out for this brother-sister duo.

To refresh what is going on with Catherine and Caleb Hapstall: Annalise persuaded them to hire her after they were arrested for the murder of their very rich parents. The two children are adopted — and maybe incestuous? — and stand by the fact that they didn't kill their parents. Their aunt, who was a witness for the prosecution, was also killed. Convenient, right?

DNA was found in the dead aunt's car pointing to Caleb, but, after Oliver — Connor's computer-genius boyfriend — hacked into the reports, it was discovered that the evidence was planted. So maybe they didn't kill their aunt, and maybe they didn't kill their parents (TBD), but something is going on with Catherine and Caleb, and Annalise and I are going to get to the bottom of it.

Wondering how the Hapstall siblings fit into all of this ~drama~?

Annalise Appears To Have Been Shot At Their House

Annalise appears to have been shot in the flash forward, and the location seems to be in the Hapstall house. In Episode 2, the Keating 5 escaped and it became obvious as the camera zoomed out that they were all at the Hapstall house.

They Might Have Killed The Prosecutor

We also learned that Emily, the new prosecutor on the case who has it out for Annalise, was killed at the Hapstall house. Since I don't see the Keating 5 actually murdering the prosecution, I would guess that their clients — Catherine and Caleb — did some sibling bonding and shot Emily.

Annalise Knows They're Up To Something

Annalise, while pushing to get this case, doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in her clients. If you ask me, I think she knows that they killed their parents (TBD, but they definitely did it). Because if anyone has an intuition to trust, it's Annalise's.

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