6 TMI Moments From One Direction, Including Harry Styles' Naked Segway Riding

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan may make up the most popular pop act on the planet right now, but at the end of the day, One Direction are just four twenty-something guys who like to talk about diarrhea and get naked. With the thousands upon thousands of interviews they've done, sometimes One Direction can get a little TMI and reveal things about their band members that the world may be better off not knowing. (LOL, JK. Obviously fans need to know absolutely everything. There's really no such thing as "too much information" when it comes to fandom knowledge.) And sometimes it's not even the guys themselves who are being so forthcoming with these pertinent facts, it's their famous friends like Ed Sheeran and 5 Seconds of Summer who will spill the beans. (Bless you, guys. Bless you.)

Truth be told, it's not like the fans will ever tire of hearing stories of naked Harry Styles riding around on a Segway or Niall Horan being the best kisser in the whole band (more on that below). The weird bathroom facts may be a little much, but hey, after you've written an entire feature about celebs accidentally "sharting" on stage, you've pretty much heard it all. So, I say, keep the ridiculous anecdotes coming, boys.

Check out some of 1D's most TMI moments below.

1. When Harry Explained Why One Direction Had To Cancel A Belfast Show

As Styles explained to BBC 1's Chris Evans, Payne was suffering from a stomach issue that could definitely use some Pepto Bismol. "He was very ill," Styles said. "It wasn't pretty."

2. When Ed Sheeran Revealed That Harry Is Well-Endowed

Apparently, there was once a rumor that Ed Sheeran penned One Direction's "Little Things" in reference to Harry Styles' penis. But because God is good, Sheeran revealed that this definitely wasn't the case.

"He definitely hasn't gotten a little thing, so no, I did not write 'Little Things' about [his] little thing," Sheeran told New Zealand's The Edge.

3. When Harry Rode A Segway Naked In Front Of Luke Hemmings' Mom

What is seen cannot be unseen for Liz Hemmings, who got a surprising eyeful of Harry Styles when 5 Seconds of Summer were on tour with the guys.

"The worst part was that Luke's mom was standing right there and [Harry] comes in on the Segway, just butt naked," Michael Clifford explained while on Alan Carr's Chatty Man. "He comes in on the Segway, sees Luke's mom and turns around."

4. When Louis Revealed That Zayn Had Diarrhea

Back when Zayn Malik was still in the band (sniff), he missed doing U.S. promo of Four because he was sick. And leave it to Louis Tomlinson to go into detail about his illness, telling E! News: "He's got a poo problem. And that's the truth and he's really not gonna like me saying that."

5. When Liam Said That Niall Sits Down To Pee

In a truly hilarious interview with ODE, Payne revealed that Horan "sits down to wee." #Facts.

6. Niall Is The Best Kisser In The Band

This is a fact that the band not only revealed in the above video (check it around the 15:28 mark), but Tomlinson reportedly confirmed later during an interview with We Love Pop magazine, shouting from the other room, "Niall is the best kisser in the band!" Sorry, Larry shippers.

Live on, One Direction TMI moments. Live on.

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