How Much Does Durrani Popal Make? The 'DASH Dolls' Star Is Likely Doing Pretty Well For Herself

Durrani Popal has made quite a name for herself as one of the fabulous stars of the new E! reality series, DASH Dolls. Durrani is a veteran employee of the L.A. DASH store and, as a result, she has managed to work her way up the ranks to become the merchandising manager of that particular location. While the title certainly sounds impressive, I couldn't help but wonder what Durrani is getting paid to work at DASH. After all, it must be more than the average sales position or customer service job.

While Durrani hadn't exactly screamed her paycheck amount from the rooftops, we can put together some good old fashioned logic to make an appropriate guesstimate of her salary from DASH specifically. If we take a peak around the world wide web, and report that as a national average, a merchandising manager is known to make around $48,000 annually.

Especially for the retail world, that's not a bad living. Retail jobs are notoriously tough and relatively underpaid, so Durrani is in a really good position, in that respect. Lucky for her, she isn't just living off of a retail job salary. Durrani also has some cash flow oozing in from a few other areas of her personal expertise.

Girlfriend has multiple endorsement deals, a jewelry line, and is now a rising star on a popular reality television series. These things are all likely going to bump her up from being financially comfortable to actually being pretty well off.

Durrani's jewelry line is actually really impressive. Not only is it featured in the DASH store, but now celebrity bloggers have started to take notice. Next we will see her jewels walking a red carpet somewhere and she will really be raking it in.

This girl seriously knows her way around a product endorsement: Hair products, teeth whiteners, and protein shakes are just the start, I'm sure. Are we all positive that she is not a Kardashian?

Her biggest net worth booster will certainly be her role on DASH Dolls. If the series continues it's trajectory, it is sure to be a hit. Anything the Kardashians have their hands in is bound to make some serious dough. So, if it moves on to more seasons, she will be fiscally far and above the average merchandising manager.

Image: Dale Berman/E! Entertainment