How To Dress Like Bieber's "Sorry" Video Girls

Justin Bieber has kind of been on a roll lately when it comes to his music. After providing vocals for "Where Are U Now?" with Skrillex and Diplo and releasing "What Do You Mean?," his music has been undeniably everywhere and on every radio station. Now, "Sorry" has dropped, which makes a Justin Bieber "Sorry" video Halloween costume perfect for your squad. The seemingly Reggaeton-meets-dance-club-inspired track is bound to be hit, and even those who are Bieber skeptics seem to begrudgingly like the single. Since this is the case, why not hop on the hit status early and bust out these super '80's and '90's looks for your Halloween festivities?

In what I find to be a surprising turn of events, Justin doesn't make an appearance in the video at all. He's noticeably absent from the seemingly Fly Girl-inspired video. Instead, Bieber takes a backseat to the crew of incredible talented, female dancers from The Royal Family Dance Crew. The women totally kill it, and even if you weren't a fan of the song, watching the video for their moves alone is totally worth it. With their neon and acid wash styles, the ladies hearkened back to the days of sketch comedy show In Living Color's Fly Girls (J. Lo would be proud).

Wherever the inspiration really came from though, the looks are colorful, fun, and ahead of the Justin Bieber hit curve, so what will you need to be one of the ladies from the "Sorry" music video?

Acid Wash Jeans

Denim Pants, $25, H&M

The '80s and '90s style are both back, which makes a lot of these looks much easier to access. Though these are men's pants, they're too perfect for this costume not to embrace. You can also head to your local Goodwill.

Crop Top

Quilted Pointed Crop Top, $11, Forever21

Because it's fall, all your crop tops are probably going to be on sale, which makes this aspect of the look totally affordable.

High Waisted Shorts

Plus Size Striped Drawstring Shorts, $20, Forever21

These shorts are definitely an updated version of the ones from the video, but they're pretty perfect for the look. Plus, you can rock them again!

Jean Overalls

Torrid Premium Overall Shorts - Light Wash with Destruction, $21, Torrid

Denim overalls were all the rage in the '90s, and they definitely make an appearance in the video.

Round Sunglasses

Gradient Sunglasses, $17, Target

All the women in the video are rocking sunglasses, and tons of them feature round frames. These from Target are ideal and totally wearable for everyday.

Bright Pink Lippie

All Fired Up Lipstick, $18, MAC Cosmetics

You don't get more color payoff than with a MAC lipstick, and this bright fuchsia lip color is totally '80s.

Now, it's time to get your squad together and hit the dance floor as the talented women of "Sorry" and The Royal Family Dance Crew.

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Image Credit: JustinBiebrVEVO/YouTube