This Is Demi Lovato's Rawest Music Video Yet

Demi Lovato has never been one to shy away from emotions — not personally, not professionally, and certainly not musically. But, Lovato's newest music video for "Waitin' for You" might be her most emotionally raw video yet. The release of the clip certainly comes at an appropriate time: After the upbeat "Cool for the Summer," and badass "Confident" videos, "Waitin' for You" is a refreshing change of pace, with a tone that is powerful, and also pure. Shot in all black and white with close ups of Lovato's facial expressions and hands, the video conveys a passionate and empowered songstress doing what she does best: Killin' it with the vocals and embodying the type of conviction and strength that sends chills up your spine.

According to Lovato's YouTube page, fans have deduced that the song and video are mostly about bullying — something that Lovato has admitted to experiencing in her youth, and something that she experiences still. The shot of the middle school about 13 seconds in proves that this might indeed be an homage to her own time during middle school, and solidifies the music video as her own kind of quasi-revenge fantasy, as she asserts over and over again "I'll be waiting for you." Watching Lovato — without fancy clothes, styled hair, and much makeup — look through the camera with a piercing and confrontational gaze adds a level of purity to an otherwise saturated market place of superfluous pop music, and I have to say, it's inspiring to witness.

Check out the full video and catch nine of Lovato's most emotionally raw moments from "Waitin For You" below.

1. The Initial Middle School Shot

As she walks toward the school, Lovato sings "And you say that you've conquered the lion, without even trying."

2. Her Hands

You can see Lovato grapple with anxiety. "She only gets stronger, she only bites harder."

3. The Pre-Chorus

"You can run, you can run but you know that I know just what you've done."

4. It's Personal

Apparently it's very personal. "Yeah I don't take things too personal, but you made sh*t personal."

5. Bad Habits

Lovato looks into the camera and sings, "Talking bout my bad habits, man f*ck my bad habits, don't act like you got none."

6. These Emotional Vocals

The pain is palpable.

7. She Wants You to Know That She Won't Back Down

"You should know that I won't back down," she sings with force.

8. And That She's Waiting

She looks right into the camera again as she sings the final "I'll be waiting for you," and it's haunting.

9. This Final Shot of Her Walking Away from The Middle School

Ultimate closure.

Bravo, Lovato. Already waitin' to see what you put out next.

Images: DemiLovatoVEVO/YouTube (1)