5 Reasons Halloween Is The Best Time To Meet Someone New

As days become colder and (novelty) cobwebs begin to appear in every corner, nights begin to hold an electric charge inviting mischief, mayhem, and make outs. True, Halloween may not seem like the most romantic of holidays (unless you're a diehard goth), but there are many reasons why Halloween makes for a good first date or first encounter leading to heaven-(or hell)-knows-what.

Halloween used to be a one or two day affair, but now the season seems to stretch longer each year, making the entire month of October a deliciously dark round of foreplay that will hopefully end with an explosive finish on the 31. Nothing is what it seems when most everyone around you is dressed in costume — a perfect reason to throw out your ideas about your "type," if only for 24 hours.

So instead of tall, dark, and handsome, or short, voluptuous and blonde, your taste can instead be monsters, superheroes, vampires, witches, sexy sriracha bottles, or your or your favorite dancer from Magic Mike XXL. Here are five reasons why All Hallows Eve is the perfect time to meet someone new:

1. There's No Shortage Of Parties To Meet Someone At


It's nine days until Halloween and you still haven't decided which party you're going to hit up, right? No need to pick just one, the more you try, the more options for interaction there are.

2. You Can Learn A Lot About Someone From Their Costume Choice


Halloween costumes are kind of like their own walking dating profiles. If you dress up as, say, Maleficent, you're probably a strong, independent badass who isn't afraid to delve into your dark side, but aren't afraid to be vulnerable, either.

3. You Can Get To Know Someone Without Seeing What They Look Like First


So you're dancing to "Dead Man's Party" and some masked and anonymous figure approaches you. Conversation ensues but you still have no idea what they look like. Kinda cool right? Although it might end disastrously when they show their face, it might also be the start of an unlikely romance since you got to judge them by their personality first.

4. Fear Is An Aphrodisiac


Why do horror movies and haunted houses make such great date nights? Fear is a powerful aphrodisiac, so the scarier your Halloween night is, the better.

5. You Can Be More Confident In Costume


For some, Halloween is the one night a year they can pretend to be someone — or something — else. Stepping outside your comfort zone and into a new identity allows you get over any nerves or hangups you might have when meeting new people. In that sense, Halloween is the perfect excuse to be the person you've always wanted to be, which will hopefully prove irresistible to the costumed prospects around you.

Watch what happens when real life professionals see these Bustle staffers dressed up in sexy halloween costumes?

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