Elijah & Klaus Are Together Again On 'Originals'

After Tristan appeared in New Orleans, Elijah and Klaus took one step towards reconciliation on The Originals. Now that Freya has confirmed the prophecy predicting the downfall of Original vamps, Elijah, Klaus, and Rebekah — Elijah has no choice but to align himself with his evil brother. Though Klaus is hopeful that their tentative alliance will lead to Elijah's forgiveness for cursing Hayley (and, you know, the millions of other betrayals Klaus has committed over the centuries), Elijah makes it clear in "I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans" that the only reason he's working with Klaus is because he has to. But, how long will Elijah and Klaus' alliance last? And, could our favorite Mikaelsons ever truly make up?

In this week's episode, Elijah and Klaus were back in action, despite any reservations on Elijah's part. Brought together by the prophecy, the two played detective and stormed Lucien's apartment to find out why he lied about the werewolf bite, and to learn more about the supposed weapon that can kill an Original vampire. Unfortunately, they found the apartment empty of Lucien. On the bright side, the witch that originally showed Klaus the prophecy was home and offered herself up to Elijah and Klaus to show them some more. That's right — Elijah and Klaus not only worked together, they also shared a meal. Just like old times, right?

This time, their shared vision showed them glimpses of Lucien, Tristan and Marcel, suggesting that those three vampires are potentially the ones who go after them and fulfill the original prophecy. From there, both Elijah and Klaus went their separate ways — Klaus to chase down Lucien and Elijah to find Marcel (and, by coincidence, Tristan). What happened next was the real surprise: Elijah and Klaus both refused to let themselves be manipulated by Lucien and Tristan. Both Lucien and Tristan tried to convince their respective vampire dads that the other brother would turn on them. But, it didn't work. At the end of the episode, Klaus and Elijah remained steadfast in their mission to prevent the prophecy from manifesting. What's more, Klaus promised Elijah that he wouldn't fall by his hand. Elijah, however, didn't respond.

Now, I don't think Elijah could ever kill Klaus; not unless Klaus did something truly unforgivable. So, I don't think Klaus has anything to worry about where Elijah is concerned. After all, Elijah isn't the one who has a habit of putting daggers in his siblings. But, just because it looks like neither Elijah nor Klaus will be killing the other doesn't mean that the two are on their way to being brothers again. And, who knows what kind of manipulative plans Lucien and Tristan have up their sleeves?

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