Adele & Lionel Richie Need To Collaborate

Move over Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry — the true Queen has returned. The music video for Adele's latest single "Hello" from her new album 25 is officially here, and it is mind-numbingly good. It's like, girl — work that contouring, that wind, and fur coat, you are a superstar. The whole album drops Nov. 20, but "Hello" gives us a sliver of what to expect — and it seems like what to expect is that there will be even more grammy gold in the songbird's future.

"Hello" is the first music video to be shot on IMAX camera (way to make history, Adele!). Even better, it was directed by Xavier Dolan, who won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for his film Mommy in 2014. It's totally edgy and shot in beautiful black and white — clearly, Adele is really pulling out all of the stops and going pure Hollywood for this video. It makes sense that she's super cinematic now: she's got an Oscar, after all.

The video depicts Adele's point of view on a failed relationship with her ex (played by The Wire's Tristan Wilds). The video and song combo will make you feel all of the feels in the way that only way Adele can, and it will make you believe in the redeeming power of love. It will make you believe in miracles. Apparently, Adele cried when she first heard it on the radio and I can see why. It's some powerful stuff.

In fact, it's the most powerful pop power-ballad about a greeting since Lionel Ritchie's own song about a certain greeting, "Hello." See where I am going here? If not, I'm specifically proposing Adele and Lionel Ritchie should combine forces to create the ultimate hello-themed top 40 hit. The radio would melt with the power of these two superstars.

And apparently, according to The Telegraph, Adele said she'd love to work with Lionel Ritchie on something — so this Lionel Ritchie/Adele mashup could totally happen!

Here is how I envision this collaboration.

What's That In The Distance?

It's a car driving up the winding road to Adele's house. Somebody is about to have a visitor!


Surprise! Adele's house guest is Lionel Ritchie: A man with the voice of an angel and five-star Jheri curl. Things are about to get real interesting.

A Hostess With The Mostest

Like any good host, Adele makes Lionel Ritchie a cup of tea, because they are both singers and need to take care of their vocal chords.

How Are You?

I feel a storm a brewing — Adele does not seem happy to see Mr. Ritchie

Smize Your Way Into Her Heart

Lionel seems to know he is in the wrong. Look at those puppy dog eyes. He wants Adele back, I can tell.

Adele Is Having None Of That

Adele is having none of your bullsh*t, Lionel Ritchie.

Don't Trust Him Adele

His lips say, "It's me, baby, please forgive me," but his mustache says,"Don't trust me babe, I'm a dangerous man."

Conversation Over

Adele and her fuzzy coat are having none of this — conversation over.


Ritchie tries calling Adele and he croons to her over the phone.

He Made Her Cry!

Lionel's pleas aren't working — Adele is crying! Bad Lionel Ritchie.

She Mad

Oh, she mad. Nothing says "I hate you," more than leaving a person hanging on the telephone and leaving the ACTUAL TELEPHONE hanging.

He'll Wait Forever For Her To Return

I don't think Lionel Ritchie has realized she's not coming back. Adele is ice-cold, she's never coming back.

Trying A Different Approach

Lionel is bringing out the big guns — he wrote her a song!

Adele Doesn't Need A Man

No go, Ritchie. Your superb songwriting skills cannot salvage this relationship. Adele is a strong, confident woman. She doesn't need you. She doesn't need any man.

And The Sing-Off Commences

Adele will sing the song of a thousand broken hearts to show how okay she is with being single.

Sing it, girlfriend.

A Change of Heart?

Adele looks like she is maybe having a change of heart? Will she take Lionel back?


Let loose, Adele. The whole world has been waiting for this moment.

Sing It, Adele

Girl knows how to work that wind machine.

She's Totally Fine On Her Own

Adele can stand on her own two feet — in the middle of a forest. She's all good.

She Really Means It

When Adele really means it, she talks with her voice and her hands (insert patented Adele hand-grab).

Adele Is Queen

Sorry Lionel, Adele is Queen and is not in need of any king.

Just Give Up

Now you are just embarrassing yourself, Ritchie. Just let Adele go.

One Last Smize

Adele shoots the camera one last size to let Lionel know what he'll be missing.

And Finally, This...

Mic drop — Adele.

Hello, Adele. It's so good to hear new music from you.

Images: AdeleVEVO/YouTube (19); HDClipsMusic/YouTube (8)