11 Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now That Will Give You All The Feels

Netflix: You red envelope of joy. You always know how to make us feel better and you never judge us for binge-watching Orange Is the New Black. After a long day, you need something to watch on Netflix with friends or a loved one. It feels great to reconnect with you and laugh together and unwind from a long day, week, month, or all of the above. And while it's always great to watch a comedy or a sexy flick, there are just those times when you need a good cry.

I don't know about you, but I love watching a movie that either makes you think or just flat-out makes you bawl your eyes out for a couple hours — it's almost therapeutic in a way. I prefer to watch them alone with a bowl of ice cream (covered in sprinkles, of course), while laying underneath a huge comforter; I'm vulnerable and cozy and I love it. My boyfriend may never understand why I watch these movies, but I love them. I can always relate to the character in some way, or maybe I'm just a masochist — who knows? If you are like me, and love a good cry every now and then, try checking out 11 of these movies that you know are going to make you feel all the feels.

1. Take This Waltz


I personally saw this movie a while ago and while I didn't relate to it too much, it definitely has its own set of baggage. A young woman played by Michele Williams is stuck between her husband who she loves so much and a new guy who she becomes in lust with. It takes you through the twist and turns of what one might go through when you feel stuck and not inspired anymore. Seth Rogan plays her husband and it's quite incredible to see him in such a vulnerable role. If you like watching the niche life of everyday, then this movie is for you.

2. 6 Years


Prepare yourself to bawl uncontrollably, like mascara-running-down-your-face crying. If you loved Like Crazy, then you are definitely going to love this film. It takes you through the life of a young couple who has been together for six years and soon experience events that will change their relationship. It's a crazy roller coaster of emotions as young teens always do experience. It could be relatable if you ever felt that strongly about someone in your own life. But either way, it's a good movie to watch about the real life of love.

3. Cake


For myself, this especially hit home for personal reasons, but Jennifer Aniston knocked this performance out of the park. The movie reflects on how after a terrible car accident, a woman loses not only her son, but has to deal with a suicide of someone she knows and the constant pain that is residual after the accident. It's a narrative which elaborates on how to deal with grief as well as illustrating the difficulties of dealing with constant physical pain. It's about personal triumph and it's a great movie to watch at home with some loved ones.

4. Last Love

This film is based on a french novel called Mr. Morgan's Last Love. It's enriched with Parisian flair and follows the lives of two lost souls. Michael Cain plays a widower who becomes friends with actress Clémence Poésy who plays a dance instructor. It's mild and fresh when you see people that are complete opposites, find warmth in each other. It's a cool new take on friendship and how eloquently well it can blossom.

5. Beginners


While this movie is quite funny, it also puts in perspective on what is considered to be love. Eugene McGregor meets a lovely girl who evokes the memories of his late father who happened to come out to him after years of marriage. For some, this news might be horror and shame to the family, but for Eugenes' character, it bring him closer to his father and sheds light onto this new relationship with this woman that he soon falls in love with.

6. The Kids Are All Right


If you love movies about family and drama, make sure you watch The Kids Are All Right. Actress Julianne Moore stars in the film and it's really funny and beautiful, where family values are the key focus. Julianne Moore is in a same-sex marriage where they have two children of their own. The younger son wants to know who the original sperm donor is and that's where the story begins. It's a very humanized tale of what family is today in modern society. It's great and it makes you feel all sorts of emotions.

7. Benny and Joon


This classic is a must if you've never seen it before. Actors Johnny Depp and Mary Stuart Masterson play characters where they fall in love after meeting each other from a weird circumstance. The movie entails depth about each character and how easy can it be co-dependent on a person. Aidan Quinn plays Mary's brother and being that's the only family she has, it becomes reality to him on how hard it is to let something familiar go, especially his little sister who is mentally ill.

8. Melancholia


This movie will truly mess with your mind. It involves family drama while illustrating depression in a beautiful way. In this film, Kirsten Dunst has gotten married at her sister's home and during this time, another planet called Melancholia, is soon going to collide with Earth. It's a 2-part film about coming to terms with the end of your life and family. It's visually stimulating while the story might be mundane and practical, but the characters' journey enhance the overall piece.

9. Drinking Buddies


You will never watch a movie like it. The director did not have a script and everything that you hear on screen came straight from the actors' mouth. It's fun and fully about beer. A-list actors, like Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick, play in this wild movie about friendships, relationships, and straight-up honesty. You can most likely relate to this film as everyone probably had that close friend where you thought "what if?" Grab a few beers before you sit down and watch this movie, it will surely make you think about your own life in ways you thought it couldn't.

10. About Alex

When a friend tries to commit suicide, all of his friends come together after a while of being a part. They host a getaway in a cabin and revisit old love and jealousies. It's a great film about friendship with a really fun cast that just might possibly bring humor in the darkness of death.

11. Remember Me


This 2010 film is still a tear-jerker for real. When a tragedy hits home to Robert Patternsons' character, he meets a girl who also dealt with the death of her own mother, but decided to view the world in a more positive light. They influence each other and fall madly in love. While the film isn't the best, you can still feel the great intentions that each character expresses through their own melodramatic journey.

Don't be afraid to watch the heck out of these movies. Remember, that's what Netflix is for. Happy watching!

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