Even Chrissy Teigen Has Wardrobe Struggles

Celebrities have a knack for making everything from walking in six-inch heels to having a baby look like a breeze, so when A-listers get real, the world notices. Proving that she's just like the rest of us, Chrissy Teigen revealed a maternity style hack on Instagram and her tip is so good that you'll definitely want to keep it in your back pocket if you're ever planning on giving birth.

Since her recent and absolutely adorable pregnancy announcement, I've been keeping a close eye on Teigen's sartorial choices. So far, her maternity looks have been pretty stunning, but she took her followers behind-the-scenes of her latest ensemble to show how she manages to dress her changing body so flawlessly. After realizing her suede pants were a bit snug, the star used the hem of her pant to expand the waistline for one easy fix. Genius!

Of course, her tailor was the one who actually deployed this genius trick, but Teigen deserves credit for being the realest. Teigen has always been super up front about her life off the red carpet, and it's awesome to see her opening up about negotiating pregnancy as well. Shout out to her for revealing the maternity wear the hack of the century.

Teigen has never held back when it comes to her personal life. Whether she's starring in national commercials or balancing a plate of chicken wings on her booty, she always remains true to herself. Here are a few moments when she got super candid on Insta.

1. Giving Us Everyday Hair Tips

Who knew playing cards could be so useful in your beauty routine?

2. Showing That Even Stars Get Emotional

I'll take a man doll of John legend as well, thanks.

3. Sharing Her Dressing Room Decorations

She's a fan of boy bands and proud of it.

4. Embracing Fast Food

Because sometimes you just need it.

She really loves her lunch.

5. Announcing Exciting News

This is such a genuine shot.

6. Getting Real About Selfies

The star posts her flawless pics...

...and her not so ideal shots.

7. Enjoying Some Good Eats

Teigen even shows off the messy moments.

Like going to town on a tasty meal.

8. 'Gramming Behind The Scenes

Sometimes life isn't pretty, but it's nothing to be ashamed of.

9. Going Makeup Free

The ultimate #realgirl test!

I can only hope that her child inherits her refreshing honestly!

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