How To Dress As Rory & Lorelai For Halloween, Easy

by Mary Grace Garis

I have to say, ever since Gilmore Girls hit Netflix last fall, it's been the year of the Lorelais — so, it feels only natural to put together an easy Gilmore Girls group Halloween costume to be both timely AND throwback-tastic. But, how exactly does one go about executing such a costume with your BFF or your mom (which may be the same person, if you're anything like Rory)?

Well, I have the perfect concept idea for you — roll with me here: why don't you dress up as Rory and Lorelai on their first day at Chilton? You know, the literal episode that had Lorelai throwing an overcoat on top of a tie-dye shirt and cutoff jean shorts as she escorts her daughter to her blue blood prep school. Yes, it's not the most glamorous of Gilmore Girl Halloween costumes (that would be the dance marathon) but it's iconic, easy, and could be put together with items you might already have stored away in your closet.

But, in case you need a rundown, here is everything you need to pull off the ultimate and very simple Gilmore Girls Halloween costume that pretty much anyone can pull off with little-to-no effort whatsoever.


Alright, now if you have stunning brown locks of hair, then you can forgo the wig — but if you're blonde or something, fake Lorelai hair with this curly brunette wig ($22.99). From there, you want to pick up a pink tie-dye t-shirt ($7.38) that really screams, "it's laundry day." Denim cut-off shorts ($17.90) can be found anywhere, or even cut up from your least favorite pair of jeans — but this pick from Forever 21 is definitely adequate. And, of course, the look couldn't be complete without an afterthought pair of cowboy boots ($18.46). After you put together the ensemble, you just want to put your hair into a sad low ponytail, throw on literally any overcoat you have (so you don't freeze to death and all) and you're set.


For Rory, you want to look every bit prim and polished compared to the messy other half of your Halloween bestie costume. So again, if your hair color isn't Gilmore-approved then you want to pick up a brunette wig with an innocent center part ($19.99) a la Rory, Season 1. Then, you need to emulate the Chilton uniform, starting with a blue plaid skirt ($16.99) and a light blue button down ($12.99). After that, all you'll need is a blue blazer ($27.90) and voila! You're basically Rory, sans five or six books.

And that's it! In just a few easy steps you've nailed that Gilmore Girl style. You've definitely earned yourself a treat... maybe coffee at Luke's later?

Images: Warner Bros. Television (1); Spirit Halloween (2); Sears (1); Macys (1); Forever 21 (3); Walmart (1)