How To Drake's Birthday Drake-Style With Sad Songs, 'Degrassi', & More

Drake gave the world a beautiful gift this week with his music video for "Hotline Bling," which spawned hundreds of amazing parodies. But even more exciting for Drake this week, Saturday is Drake's birthday! October's Very Own Aubrey "Drake" Graham came into this world 29 years ago on Oct. 24, 1986, and I just want to give a big thank you to Drake's mom, Sandy, for taking such good care of him and sharing him with the world. Even though the ideal way to celebrate Drizzy's birthday would be to chill with Aubrey himself, you can't always get what you want. But there are other ways to celebrate, even if you're by yourself. Remember, Drake just wants you to be happy.

Whether it be marathoning his discography, writing love letters to your exes, or just watching every parody Vine of "Hotline Bling," spend a little time taking care of yourself with some personal Drake time on Saturday. Drake's the kind of dude who probably treats his friends on his own birthday, because the best gift of all to him is making sure his fam is happy (I imagine), and you're part of his fam, aren't you?!

So, here's how to best wish Aubrey Drake Graham a happy birthday.

Listen To His Saddest Songs

...and probably have a good cry. Put on one of Drake's sad tracks (here are some essentials), write a letter to your ex or to yourself, then throw it away. Let the past be the past. Take Care is a good, sensitive album for this, and of course, If You're Reading This It's Too Late, in which Drake dwells on all his woes.

Take A Drive

Have you noticed how much Drake loves driving? Whether in a Bugatti or a Honda, Drake has always taken to the road for a little bit of solitude, cause he needs to get introspective, you know? Put Nothing Was The Same on the aux. It's, in my opinion, Drake's most self-reflective and self-aware album. Bump "Just Hold On We're Going Home" at full volume, because you'd be remiss not to listen to that track while you're cruising.

Buy Some Drake Balloons

Even if you don't feel like partying, that's OK. We know from a lot of Drake lyrics that sometimes he doesn't like the party either, and he just wants to be alone. But you can make your own personal time feel like a mini celebration with these Drake balloons, which are only $10 for a set of five from Etsy shop Drake And Drive.

Wear Some Drizzy

A good way to pay homage to Drizzy is to buy something with his face or lyrics on it. I cannot stress how much Drake merchandise is out there, and it's glorious. Being a living meme, there's a lo of options for fan products. Some of my favorites include the above shirt from with lyrics from his song "Make Me Proud."

A cap is also a good, casual option. Although all the merch on the OVO clothing site is sadly sold out and you can no longer get an official "Woes" or "6 God" cap, there are plenty of alternatives on Etsy, like this "Woes" cap from seller TOVONTO, which is under 12 bucks.

Save Up For That Drake Lipstick

Even if you're asking yourself, why is this necessary, Tom Ford? you know you want that Drake lipstick. So treat yourself: Drake would want you to. The lipstick will be released on Oct. 30! Don't miss it.

Watch Some Music Videos (Old & New)

By now, you've probably watched "Hotline Bling" like a thousand times, but don't forget that Drake has a lot of other great videos out there. My personal favorites include "Worst Behavior" and "Headlines."

Remember Jimmy Brooks

Drake started from the bottom, and then he went to TV. He's always shouting out to his character Jimmy Brooks from the legendary Degrassi. Drake never forgets where he came from, and neither should you!

Indulge In Some Drake Gifs

Especially this one of Baby Drake dancing!

Watch This Video Of Drake & Serena Smiling At Each Other

I know hearts 'round the world were broken when the Drake and Serena Williams dating rumors began, but come on. Aren't you happy that Drake is this happy in this video of the two caught with huge, goofy, puppy love grins on their faces as they made eyes across the tennis court?

Watch Drake's Saturday Night Live Monologue

Aubrey is hilarious in this sketch about being Jewish and a rapper. What can't he do?!

Accept Yourself

That's what Drake would want most for you, boo. Take some advice from the boy, and listen to these songs that will help you accept who you are, flaws and all. Best tracks for this: "The Motto," "HYFR," "Tuscan Leather," and of course, "Know Yourself."

Happy birthday, Aubrey. Can't wait to see what you do this year. Also, where's Views From The 6? Seriously.

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