7 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

If there is a permanent you-shaped impression on your couch, it may be time to look for some creative things to do this weekend that don't involve just sitting around. Even though you have a whole 48 hours to do whatever you please, that doesn't mean you should spend them all vegging out. OK, let's admit it — sometimes that's really the best choice... but when you are looking for something else to do, there are options.

Don't get me wrong, I love chilling on my couch just as much as the next gal. But I start to feel bad after, oh, hour five or so in front of my TV. Eventually the siren call from the outside world gets to me, and I begin to muster the strength to go do something else. Or at least sit there feeling guilty for a while.

It can be difficult to come up with something to do with your free time. We pine away all week for the chance to do what we want, and then when we get it, we are stunned into inaction. I think it's because all week we are at the whim of others — our bosses, our deadlines, our work hours. Everything is planned to a T, and so we have no idea what to do with ourselves sans structure.

But before you give up and fall back on your couch, recognize all the possibilities and ways you can take advantage of your time off. Take a look at the list below to spark your creativity, and then get out and enjoy your weekend.

1. Get Outta Dodge

It's easy to get stuck in a rut, following the same path every day — get up, go to work, come home, go to bed. So sometimes it's nice to switch up your routine and hit the old dusty trail. This weekend, scoop up your loved ones (or be brave and travel alone) and head out on a road trip. It doesn't matter if you drive to the next town, or clear across the country. It'll be nice to get away.

2. Commune With Nature

Everyone has a park nearby, whether it be a local city garden, a lake down the street, or a legit national wonder like Yosemite or Yellowstone. The nice thing about parks, regardless of their size, is that they appeal to all kinds of people. Sporty types may want to take advantage of hiking trails, or the kickball field. Foodies can set up camp around a grill and picnic the day away. And lazy homebodies (congrats on leaving your couch, by the way) can relax against a tree to catch up on some reading, or do a little people watching.

3. Take A Class

If there's something you've been itching to do or learn, the weekend may be the best time to do it. During the week, it's often tough to find time to take your favorite yoga class, or those piano lessons you've been eyeing up. Don't let the weekend pass by without reaching out and scheduling yourself a lesson.

Or, you can spend your free time teaching yourself some new skills, like web design or photography. The weekend is your time to delve into the things that interest you most, so make sure you take advantage and learn what you can.

4. Explore Your Library

When was the last time you got lost in the stacks at your local library? Libraries are one of the best resources in your town, especially if you are looking for something to do that's free. Whenever I go into a library and check out a book — and it doesn't matter how many times I do it — I still find myself mildly surprised that they are giving me something for free. It just feels too good to be true! But even if you don't check out any books, or have a card for that library, you are still allowed to spend hours propped up in a corner with a good book. What's better than that?

5. Do Something That Scares You

There's nothing more invigorating than conquering a fear. I'm personally terrified of heights, but for some reason one of my favorite things to do is indoor rock climbing. I love it so much because I enjoy the challenge, and that natural high I get when I look up the wall and realize "hey, I just climbed that." That's why I recommend spending your weekend doing something that scares you. Try rock climbing, take a trapeze class, or swallow your pride and learn a ballroom dance. It's fun to conquer a fear no matter what your interests are.

6. Make A Nice Dinner

If you want to do something active, but not too active, never fear! You can leave your couch and yet still remain in the safety of your own apartment. There are plenty of things to do around the house, but none much nicer than making a real dinner. Spend the day experimenting with a new recipe, or whipping up your favorite comfort food. Then sit down at your table and eat like a human being.

You also may want to spend Sunday making food for the week. By the time Wednesday rolls around, you'll be so proud of yourself for making a bunch of food and stocking up your fridge. Personally, I like to make soup because it's easy to portion out for each day, and any extra keeps forever in the freezer.

7. Do Some Home Maintenance

Here's another thing to do without leaving the comforts of home. The weekend is the prime time to do some chores around the house, like finally putting together that Ikea bookcase that's been in the box for weeks, or cleaning your nasty tub. You can also get really handy and fix some things that are broken. Get after that squeaky door that's been driving you nuts, or the sticky window that's hard to open and close. Often all home repairs need is some WD40 and a hammer, but it'll leave you feeling accomplished and oh so very proud.

It's totally cool to spend the weekend vegging out on the couch, but be sure to take advantage of any spark of adventure, and see what kinds of things you can do, learn, or see.

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