How To Be An Amber Rose Zombie For Halloween

There is something so very fun about Halloween celebrity zombie costumes. Imagining a zombie Ariana Grande knocking over donut trays to eat the cashier's brains or zombie Rihanna putting out her new single "B*tch Betta Have My Organs" is just hilarious — so why not bring your zombified celebrity fave to life (or death). We have seen zombified almost every Kardashian sister here at Bustle to get your creative juices flowing just in time for Halloween (you're welcome). There is even a Gigi Hadid and Karl Lagerfeld costume at your disposal. Next on the celeb it-list to become zombie-status? My personal favorite, Amber Rose.

I'm just so psyched that Amber Rose is finally getting credit where credit is due. For years she has been portrayed simply as an ex-stripper or a rapper's girlfriend (that happened again in the media recently, but she's actively fighting against it). Now she has become an outspoken feminist who is especially invested in putting an end to slut-shaming. Overall, she is a badass woman with seriously no fear. So here's to hoping she doesn't mind being zombified for the sake of Halloween. I'm mostly doing it so when I hear people slut-shaming Sexy Animal costumes, I can threaten to eat their brains — and it be socially acceptable, if not just for the night. Here are seven steps to becoming a Zombie Amber Rose this Halloween.

1. Remember That Sunglasses Are Your Go-To

Day or night, it doesn't matter: Amber's shades are a must to shield her from the haters. As with most things in life, the bigger the better.


Amber Rose Eyewear 'Mr. Blonde' Sunglasses, $50,

2. Get Her Beauty Look Right

Although she mixes up her look regularly her constants seem to be a glowy complexion, a little bit of playful color, and a solid lip.


Clarins Lip Liner Pencil, $25,

3. Accessorize Like The Feminist Babe You Are

Because you can.


Slut Beaded Bracelet, $4.72,

4. Get Her Cute, Casual Uniform

If she isn't in a killer little dress, Amber's off-duty look consists of a lot of crop tops and distressed denim.


Liquor & Poker High Rise Mom Jeans With Rips & Distressing, $63,

5. Don't Forget The Baseball Hat

Both because it's adorable, and if you don't have her dope close-shaven hairstyle, this is a decent alternative!


Wooly Colorblock Baseball Hat, $29,

6. Improve Your Nail Game

Make Amber proud.


Essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polish in Good As Gold, $8.50,

7. Zombify

Now take your complete Amber Rose costume — and zombify it. Don't be shy with the fake blood and bite marks.


Fake Blood Tube, $7.99,

Now go be your fabulous zombie self.

Images: Courtesy Brands