'Pretty Little Liars' Trailer Gives More Questions

With just a few months remaining until the Pretty Little Liars flash forward, fans are more excited than ever for what's in store. We know a few sparse details — Hanna Marin appears to be engaged, Alison DiLaurentis is now married and a teacher — but we still want to know much, much more. Luckily, there's a new Pretty Little Liars Season 6B trailer that reveals a lot — and ultimately leaves even more questions unanswered.

The trailer is about as action-packed as any given PLL episode. We learn more about why the Liars returned to Rosewood: Alison needs them to lie for her again, and if we've learned anything about this show, it's that lying always leads to more trouble. This proves to be true, as it seems the lies reignite texts from an anonymous person. It's like the first season all over again, only the Liars are more than prepared to fight back. Even more importantly, their numbers have grown, as Caleb is at the forefront of the battle.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until January 12 to see the Pretty Little Liars winter premiere. Until then, you can check out the new trailer and all of the unanswered questions with which we're left below.

1. Why Did "A" Back Off For 5 Years?

Five "uncontaminated" years, as Spencer puts it.

2. Who Is Hanna Engaged To?

More importantly, why is she not with Caleb?

3. And Who Was She Kissing?!

Ugh, the fiancé. Caleb, don't let this happen.

4. What Happened To Radley?

Or, as it appears to be now, a bar called "The Radley."

5. Why Are They In Court?

This does not look good.

6. Did The Liars Really Win?

They claim they beat "A," but it doesn't sound that simple.

7. Does Lucy Hale Ever Have A Bad Hair Day?


8. Why Is The Security Footage Bad?

It's clearly incriminating, but why?

9. What Did Ezra Do?

He's seriously angry nowadays.

10. Hasn't Technology Surpassed "A"?

Can't they track those texts by now?

11. Haven't They Learned From Their Mistakes?

Clearly not, because the Liars are back to lying.

Only a few months' wait, everyone! Hang in there! In the meantime, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One to the Grave.

Images: ABC Family (screenshot); ABC Family (11)