Taco Bell Croissant Tacos Are Being Tested In Ohio, So Here's A Brief History Of The Fast Food Chain's Unconventional Breakfast Offerings

Confession: It's been over a year and a half since the arrival of the Waffle Taco, and I have still — still — not eaten breakfast at Taco Bell. To be fair, I'm not typically a fast food breakfast kind of person (when you live in the suburbs, everything is too far away to be nearly as convenient as your own kitchen); however, given the new item the 'Bell is currently testing, I might have to make an effort to finally buckle down and do it. You guys? Taco Bell Croissant Tacos are a thing. They're being tested right now. And croissants are the best.

Just sayin'.

Unfortunately, though, the current market test of this magnificent-sounding breakfast idea is occurring in an area that is even further away from where I live than the 'Bell location the next town over: The state of Ohio. According to Brand Eating, the flaky pastry tacos were first spotted way back in April (see Reddit for proof); now, though, they're apparently having a slightly wider-scale test, although whether or not they'll become available nationwide remains to be seen. Like all of Taco Bell's other breakfast tacos, these babies come filled with sausage, bacon, and/or egg. Obviously the best one is the bacon one, because… well… bacon.

For the curious, here's what it looks like:

Speaking of those other breakfast tacos, let's take a moment to stroll down memory lane. Here's a brief history of Taco Bell's unconventional breakfast ideas — where do you think they'll go in the future?

The Waffle Taco

Taco Bell initially began testing the Waffle Taco in 2013, although it wasn't until March of 2014 that it finally arrived nationwide. I'll be honest: I still think the idea of a taco made out of a waffle is a little scary, mostly because a maple syrup-covered breakfast confection mooshed together with a savory egg just doesn't really do it for me. It seemed to be a hit, though; I would imagine that the breakfast menu wouldn't have stuck around if it weren't. It was certainly talked about — that's for sure.

The Biscuit Taco

In September of 2014, Taco Bell started testing a new kind of breakfast taco: One with a biscuit for a shell. What surprised us all, though, was that when the Biscuit Taco was finally rolled out in March of 2015, it actually kicked the Waffle Taco off the menu. The idea of a Biscuit Taco is a lot more appealing to me, so I wasn't really that sad about it — but it was still an interesting move. Not only that, but it might give us an idea of what to expect with…

The Croissant Taco

As far as we know, the Croissant Taco has had two rounds of testing: One that started in April of this year, and a bigger, more recent one that started at the end of September. If the tests are a success, I would be willing to bet that we'll be saying goodbye to the Biscuit Taco in the near future and hello to the Croissant Taco instead. Taco Bell's strength is innovation (hi there, Doritos Locos Taco), so the rotating breakfast menu is likely to be a trend.

The Future?


What's next, Taco Bell? Pancake Tacos? Churro Tacos? The possibilities are endless!

Images: Taco Bell/Facebook (2); Giphy