Kendall Jenner Hearts Her Calvins

Ever since this model first posed for the brand, wearing your undies on social media became kind of a thing. Kendall Jenner wore Calvin Klein jeans in a very sexy snap on Instagram, because this girl just can’t get enough of the brand. First underwear, now jeans. She’s clearly in love, and so are tons of other celebs. Jenner’s only continuing the whole #MyCalvins trend by going topless and showing off her bum for the camera.

She’s got a thing for designer brands and showing off her backside. Anybody remember that Balmain photo? Well, forget about the Balmain booty, it’s all about the Calvin booty now. Of all of the times she’s posed for the brand, this is by far her sexiest photo to date. If those jeans make you feel this comfortable in your own skin, then I’ve definitely got to get myself a pair because I’m loving this whole Calvins = confidence thing that’s Jenner is displaying on social media.

And this model isn’t the only one who’s worn nothing but their underpants or a pair of jeans to show how much they love this brand. Check out Jenner’s latest snap, plus seven other people who have modeled for the brand — at least on Instagram.

Looking good in nothing but those Calvins, girl.

1. Bella Hadid

Just tryin' to get a little lounge time in.

2. Miranda Kerr

Calvins are the ultimate casual wear.

3. Hailey Baldwin

Calvins + Sweats is a comfy-chic combo.

4. Gigi Hadid

These make for the perfect lazy days.

5. Vanessa Hudgens

All black everything.

6. Chiara Ferragni

There's nothing like spending all day in your undies.

Nobody does lazy-girl chic like these celebs and their Calvins.