7 Quick Tips To Ace Travel Style Once And For All — No Matter Where You're Off To

If you've ever sat on a cross-country flight in too-tight skinny jeans and a leather jacket, you know that when it comes to traveling, comfort is key. But that doesn't mean you should throw your whole look out the window while you're en route. Whether your personal vibe leans towards classic, boho, athletic, or anywhere in between, a few go-to Holiday travel style tips will keep you totally in check — no matter where you're headed. Being comfortable does not have to mean an old pair of leggings and your college sweatshirt. What if you run into your favorite Pretty Little Liar at LAX and you're wearing the sartorial equivalent of warm cereal? Absolutely not.

Dressing for planes, trains, or even long car rides is all about strategy. Layers, versatile staples, ultra-soft fabrics, some stretch... you get the picture. Adapting your style for cramped spaces and long waits means striking a balance between pieces you love and pieces that will hold up to the journey. We've teamed up with Nordstrom to prove just how doable it is. Even if you're heading straight from the airport to dinner after a five-hour flight, you can do it with the power of luxe knits and streamlined coziness — we promise.

1. Layer, Layer, Layer

Wildfox Holiday List Sweater, $98, Nordstrom

Even if you aren’t traveling from one climate to another, the temperature shifts dramatically from the outdoors to your car, to the plane, and everywhere in between. Cute, cozy layers mean you’ll be prepared no matter what.

2. Skip The Jeans

Wildfox Basic Track Pants, $78, Nordstrom

Usually when you travel, you’re sitting down for long periods of time. First, you’re sitting in the car, then at the terminal, then on the train or airplane, and you want to be as comfortable as possible. Jeans can be restrictive, and you’ll probably be a lot happier in a pair of polished sweats or joggers.

3. Make Your Carry-On Efficient

Madewell 'The Transport' Leather Tote, $168, Nordstrom

Traveling is about being as compact and efficient as possible. You don’t want to be dealing with your everyday cross-body bag, a backpack, a carry-on, and a suitcase. The good news is, streamlining your purse and your carry-on is very simple. A roomy, structured tote will keep all your essentials accessible, your hands free, and your look totally polished.

4. Accessorize Wisely

Wildfox Hibernating Mask, $34, Nordstrom

Very few people can actually sleep comfortably on a crowded airplane — and if you happen to be one of those people, I am very jealous of you. Getting some zzz's in-flight says "take that!" to jet lag, and when you throw on a super cute sleep mask and pop in some noise-cancelling headphones, it's actually doable. Plus, that chatty dude next to you will get the message that you're trying to chill. Hopefully.

5. Go For Double-Duty Outerwear

Splendid Waffle Knit Open Front Cardigan, $128, Nordstrom

An oversized cardigan is the perfect travel companion, as it can double as a blanket while you’re en route and fit under your coat before and after. Win-win.

6. Stick To Well-Cut Basics

Splendid X Damsel Cotton Collection Slub Knit Crewneck Tee, $78, Nordstrom

There is no such thing as too many ultra soft t-shirts, and they make the perfect base for any travel look. Layer them up, or wear as-is when you get off the tarmac in Hawaii (we're aiming high, OK?). Tops like these work with everything, and stocking up in all neutrals will truly simplify your life.

7. Be Ready For Anything

B.B. Dakota 'Leighton' Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $108, Nordstrom

OK, so I know it can be stressful to dress for travel when you know you're heading straight to a nice restaurant once you deplane — but it doesn't have to be. A cozy turtleneck sweater dress like this will feel totally plush on the plane, but look effortlessly chic if you don't have time to change right after you land.

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