Justin Bieber's Lyrics Can Be Easily Misheard

by Maggie Malach

It's inevitable that even the most talented singers will have songs with misheard lyrics. (I'm looking at you, "Starbucks lovers" reference in Taylor Swift's "Blank Space.") While sometimes they become a pop culture nod of their own (again, "Starbucks lovers), sometimes fans quietly learn they've been singing the wrong words the entire time. Enter Justin Bieber's "Sorry" lyrics.

The singer's latest single is crushing it, thanks to Bieber's sincerity and the insanely catchiness of the track overall. One funny mishap, however, is that if you don't listen closely, it sounds like Bieber is asking for some beer: "I just want a shot of half a Guinness." As entertaining as the notion is, the real lyric is actually, "Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness."

Another recent Bieber single has a similarly confusing phrase. In "Where Are U Now," he sings, "Where are you now that I need ya? / Couldn't find you anywhere." It almost sounds like he's saying, "Where are you now that I need ya? / Could have flown you anywhere." Close — but still not correct.

The internet has long archived misunderstood lyrics, even dating back to Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me." For instance, when he sings, "As long as you love me / We could be starving / We could be homeless / We could be broke,” it sounds kind of like, "As long as you love me / We could be starfish / We could be homeless / We could be broke.” The starfish lyric is unexpected, but the internet has spoken, guys.

Even Bieber's "One Time" is guilty of pulling one over on some fans. The lines, "You look so deep / You know that it humbles me" kind of sounds like, "Your love's so deep / You know that it elbows me." Hey, it kind of has the same effect, no?

No matter how we hear or interpret Bieber's lyrics, one thing is certain: He's one talented singer whose music never fails to move his fans.