The Backstreet Boys' "The Call" Was The Original "Hotline Bling" & They Want Drake To Know That

I am a bonafide Backstreet Boys superfan. The Backstreet Boys were my first concert at age 11, and they are my go-to throwback Thursday jam. When Nick Carter started ballroom dancing in the hopes of winning the Dancing with the Stars mirrorball trophy, I was there, cell phone in hand, calling in my votes as fast as my little fingers could dial. And I, without question, will be buying tickets to the proposed Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys reunion tour if it happens. That's is why I 100 percent support the Backstreet Boys in their quest to send Drake a message.

Yes, you read that correctly — the Backstreet Boys have got some major issues brewing with the Degrassi actor turned R&B rapping sensation. The boys have taken notice of the totally accurate and not at all exaggerated similarities between Drake's latest single, "Hotline Bling," and the Backstreet Boys' 2000 release, "The Call" — and they recently tweeted their thoughts on the matter.

The official Backstreet Boys Twitter account tweeted, “Not to cause any beef @Drake… but before there was Hotline Bling…. there was The Call." Well, the Backstreet Boys may have not wanted to start beef, but pew pew — shots have been fired. And don't worry boys, I've got your back!

So what similarities are there between "The Call" and "Hotline Bling?" Here are my totally serious findings:

Black and Blue


"The Call" came from the Backstreet Boys' album Black & Blue, and now, 15 years later, Drake features the colors black and blue in his video. He's probably trying to tell us with his music video's color scheme that he directly took his idea for "Hotline Bling" from the Backstreet Boys' "The Call" or something like that. IT'S ALL A CONSPIRACY.

Staircases Are The Key

In "The Call" video, Kevin runs up a flight of stairs chasing a mystery girl. In "Hotline Bling," Drake sits on an empty staircase for some mysterious reason. Do you see the point I am trying to make? The staircase is totally a metaphor for Drake stepping on the accomplishments of the Backstreet Boys to record, "Hotline Bling." And Drake looks so smug sitting on those stairs! It's like he doesn't even care that we know. (Insert crying emoji.)

Green Lights


Not all clubs have greens lights, but they do in both "Hotline Bling" and "The Call." Coincidence? I think not. I'm on to you, Drake.

Long, Straight Hair, Don't Care


All of the women in the "Hotline Bling" have long, straight hair. It is almost like the backup dancers' hair was a deliberate choice meant to convey a message to the audience. Maybe the women were supposed to look like Howie? What about that, Drake? Why is their hair so straight?

The Red Jacket


Am I honestly supposed to believe that Drake wore a red jacket in the "Hotline Bling" music video because he likes it? No. Drake totally wore a red jacket because Brian wore a red leather jacket in "The Call" video. It is a subversive message cluing us in.

Drake's "Hotline Bling" Is All About Phone Calls


That topic sounds very familiar, Drake. Would you say these phone calls "changed your destiny"? Oh, they did. I rest my case.

Just Listen To The Similarities

You can decide for yourself how similar these two pieces of music are (and any person with working auditory facilities can tell THEY SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME). Here's Drake's "Hotline Bling":

And here is the Backstreet Boys' "The Call":

BackstreetBoysVEVO on YouTube

See what I mean. They are exactly alike. So Drake, what's good?

Images: Giphy (5); Drake/Apple Music; Jive Records; BackstreetBoysVEVO/YouTube (5)