Beyonce Stops The Show As 'X-Men's Storm

by Katherine Cusumano

I've long considered myself something of a Halloween expert, but the celebrities that have debuted their costumes this weekend have proven me so, so wrong. Kourtney Kardashian and co. went out as Wonder Woman and her minions yesterday, previewing what will certainly be an elaborate Halloweekend. Most recently, Beyoncé dressed up for Ciara's superhero-themed thirtieth birthday party *flawlessly garbed as X-Men's Storm. She channeled the icy mutant with frosty blue contact lenses, a black headband, and flowing white cape.

It's probably sheer coincidence that Complex reported rumors of Beyoncé joining the Marvel universe earlier this year. Probably. I mean, Storm has already been cast, and it would be hard to follow on the heels of Halle Berry's performance. (If there was ever a worthy successor to Berry, though, it would be Bey.) So there's probably nothing linking the costume to any future screen projects.

For the uninitiated, Storm is one of the few Marvel heroines of color, so it's awesome that Beyoncé chose to highlight her. Ororo Monroe, alias Storm, is a descendant of "an ancient line of African priestesses," according to the Marvel description. She has the ability to manipulate the weather — a suitably bad ass super power for the likes of Queen Bey.

This isn't to say that Beyoncé totally outshone the other attendees at Ciara's bash. The birthday girl herself appeared in a shiny Catwoman body suit alongside her current boyfriend Russell Wilson, a quarterback currently of the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson appears to the right as Batman, while Dye appears as the Punisher, Marvel's vigilante antihero.

"Me Ciara and Russ celebrate the dirty thirty!" captioned Jeff Dye, MTV host and comedian, who documented many of the looks on his Instagram and Twitter. And though the present buzz largely circulates around Beyoncé's on-point costume, not to be one-upped at her own party, Ciara and Wilson rolled up in a Batmobile.

Ciara was also photographed alongside Lily Collins, who wore a blue and red Superman costume.

Billboard suggested that Jay Z would be particularly suited to portray Professor X. Though Beyoncé's man wasn't photographed at the party, it's a hypothesis that I could get fully behind.

Image: jeffdye/Instagram