We All Loved These '90s TV Couples

Let's face: These days, TV romances aren't quite what they used to be in the '90s. There was something innocent yet so undeniable about characters finding love back then — perhaps it was the lack of "Netflix and Chill," Tinder, or Ashley Madison. To remember that golden era of love, let's take some time to salute the best '90s TV couples you loved and I loved as well. I mean, true love just seemed so normal for couples like Zack and Kelly on Saved By The Bell, DJ and Steve on Full House, Cory and Topanga on Boy Meets World, and so many more. (I'd like to note that Pacey and Joey on Dawson's Creek technically happened in the early 2000s, otherwise they'd totally be on the list.)

Of course, the road to true love isn't always smooth. Plenty of couples had issues and love triangles, like the infamous Kelly, Brenda, and Dylan triumvirate on Beverly Hills, 90210, and Buffy being drawn between Spike and Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But no matter what, '90s love seems to keep on reigning, even into 2015, where we've seen some of these love stories continue. Cory and Topanga are still married and now watching their children grow up in Disney Channel's sequel series Girl Meets World, and hopefully DJ and Steve will reunite in Netflix's Fuller House, the sequel/spin-off to Full House.

Relive the greatest '90s TV loves below.

Cory & Topanga On Boy Meets World

Meant to be from the very start, even though Topanga's quirkiness used to totally annoy Cory. They always found their way back to each other.

DJ & Steve On Full House

Steve was the eldest Tanner daughter's first love in high school, and he unabashedly loved DJ. Why can't all high school boyfriends be like Steve?

Zack & Kelly On Saved By The Bell

Many people tried to get between them — Slater, Jeff, all of Zack's other dates — but let's face it, Kelly and Zack were meant to be. They even had their own prom.

Buffy & Angel On Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel

Naturally, a vampire slayer's true love would wind up being a vampire. Buffy and Angel had a beautiful and emotional affection for each other that even crossed networks.

Brenda & Dylan On Beverly Hills 90210

The good girl from Minnesota fell for the bad boy in Beverly Hills. It was a sweet relationship with many firsts (for Brenda) that ultimately led to one of the greatest teen love triangles ever on TV.

Kelly & Dylan On Beverly Hills 90210

And then there was this couple, who threw all 90210 fans for a loop and proved that Brenda and Dylan didn't necessarily have to be the end game. Viewers got two awesome pairings out of this great triangle.

Angela & Jordan On My So-Called Life

Teen angst has never been more emotional than Angela Chase's crush, flirtation, and relationship with troubled Jordan Catalano, who still has the greatest lean.

Shawn & Angela On Boy Meets World

Cory and Topanga were the signature couple on the ABC sitcom, but let's not forget Shawn's true love — Angela, whom he met and fell in love with by rummaging through her purse. (On Girl Meets World, Angela is now married to someone else, but I still believe.)

Ross & Rachel On Friends

As Phoebe said, they're each others' lobsters. Ross had loved Rachel since high school, and then they fell in love, got married, and had baby Emma — with lots of Friends style hi-jinks added in.

Doug & Carol On ER

The playboy pediatrician and the hardworking nurse finally solidified their on-and-off again relationship when they had twins Tess and Kate and moved to Seattle.

Mulder & Scully On The X-Files

The question between these two FBI partners was "Will they, or have they already?" The chemistry was explosive and, by the end of the series, they found love with each other. But say it isn't so — at the beginning of the X-Files reboot coming soon, Mulder and Scully will be broken up. Sadface.

Felicity & Ben On Felicity

She followed him from their high school in California to college in New York City in a slightly stalkerish move that gave us an epic and romantic cross country romance. Felicity always loved Ben and, eventually, Ben loved Felicity, too.

Felicity & Noel On Felicity

Noel and Felicity began as a bit of a forbidden romance — he was her RA, she was a freshman — but their relationship grew into a formidable friendship and love that made the choice between Noel and Ben very difficult for Felicity — and fans, too.

Tommy & Kimberly On Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

In the midst of all that mighty morphin' monster fighting, you gotta love the sweet innocence of Tommy and Kimberly — a.k.a. the green/white and pink ranger — finding love.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/Disney Channel; Giphy (9), cordysummers/Tumblr