11 'Veronica Mars' Pop Culture References That Perfectly Describe You At The Office

Veronica Mars had a lot to offer an audience, from an intricate backstory to a thrilling mystery plot to a whip-smart heroine who could snark with the best of them. But, just as great as all of that were the pop culture references in Veronica Mars. Sure, some of them are now a little dated, but all of them captured a time in our lives that never truly ended. Think of any conversation you've ever had, and you can probably pinpoint a moment in it where you devolved into a pop culture reference. As our society moves further and further into becoming a wholly Internet-based one, the references just get more pervasive and, at times, more obscure. And the ones from Veronica Mars are longstanding enough that they can still accurately describe your day today. For example, these Veronica Mars pop culture references describe a day at the office more or less perfectly.

To be fair, just flopping your head down on a desk and saying, "No," can perfectly describe a day at the office for many people. But, while you're slugging through your nine to five, or while you're waking up on a Monday and realizing that you have an entire week of work ahead of you, these particular pop culture references can keep you company until it's time for you to finally head home, if not for the weekend.

1. When You Have To Leave For The Office, But Your Roommate Gets To Sleep In

And you're just like, "Oh, you're so cute. I'm drinking the last of the coffee, jerk, so have fun with that."

2. When Your Work Husband Gives You The Nod When You Boot Up The Computer

The dynamic duo is on the job. Although, to be fair, the real dynamic duo on that team was Shaggy and Scooby. Or, really, Velma and Velma. But you both want to be Daphne and Fred instead, and that's OK.

3. When That Guy You Hate Comes In And You Can't Help But Glare At Their Back

And then you look up, and your work husband is snickering at you, because he finds it really funny that you have this office rivalry going on. Even though it's not funny. That guy is just a tool.

4. When You Give Yourself A Pep Talk To Get You Through The Day

It doesn't always work, but, to be fair, this is the kind of pep talk that you can give yourself in every single situation — not just in the office.

5. When It's A Slow Work Day And You Have Both A Sense Of Humor And A Permanent Marker

A cute tattoo is how you survive in prison. I mean, in the work place.

6. When Your Parents Call To Check Up On You Like You're 4 Years Old

Seriously, what does he think I'm doing? I'm at work. So what if I forgot to call him over the weekend like I said I were gonna? I'm not a child anymore, dad!

7. When Everyone Gets Called Into A Very Serious Meeting

This can't mean anything good. The entire department is about to be downsized. You might as well pack up your desk before your head in there.

8. But You Zone Out During The Meeting

Never not relevant. Never not. You're really, really sure your boss might be a closet Lorelai, even if she acts like the world's most hypercompetant Rory.

9. When You Run Into Your BFF In The Office

She's looked perky since 9 a.m., and, quite frankly, you don't trust it. Or her. But you also love her. So there's that.

10. When It's The End Of The Day And You Can Go Home

You literally feel like you've aged by about 10 years, but you're free and that's what matters.

11. When You Get Home And Your Roommate Is Still In Bed

OK, so this wasn't a pop culture reference until after Veronica Mars came out. But it still applies, and no one can tell me anything different.

Even though some of these pop culture references might be a bit outdated, they are just some of the many, many references that still apply to our everyday business life. Veronica Mars just gets you on a deep and personal level, but that's just to be expected from such a savvy teen.

Image: Warner Bros. Television