Adele In "'Hello" Music Video Halloween Costume

Now that you’ve finally composed yourself after watching Adele’s “Hello” music video 10,000 times, you’re probably ready to move on to more pressing matters. Maybe that includes calling up your ex-boyfriend and seeing if he wants to grab coffee and catch up (short answer: he doesn’t) or maybe you’re more concerned about picking out a timely Halloween costume. Well, have no fear: you can have the best of both worlds by doing an Adele in the “Hello” video costume!

Yes, you heard me, it’s a Hello-ween costume! The absolutely perfect idea for those who love retro glamour but are also on top of the newest Twitter trending topic. People will be astonished by your of-the-moment costume, and they’ll never know that you created it with items on the bottom floor.

All that, and it’s warm. You guys, you get to be warm on Halloween! God bless us, everyone.

But how do you do it? Well, my precious angels, I rewinded the first 50 seconds of “Hello” about 3000 times, and I finally think I have a vague idea of how to pull it off. From a technologically challenged dad to make-up artist friends, here is everything you need to pull off an Adele Halloween costume.

1. The Outerwear

I'm sure you're all singing the praises of Adele's (faux) fur coat that hogs the majority of the video, but as much as I love faux fur everything, I'm team plaid coat ($39.99) on this one. You get a great side shot of it in the intro, and it's clearly a chic spaced out pattern versus a tighter plaid.

Next comes Adele's scarf ($12.90) a vague, barely-scene but ever-crucial part of her outfit (and your Halloween toastiness). Honestly, it's a little unclear what the pattern is, although in a brief moment it looked like this was a plaid-on-plaid get up. What's important is that you don't wrap it around your neck, you simply let it lie there, weighted with melancholy.

Finally you have Adele's sunglasses ($5.90), which look super dark in the video, although that's perhaps the sepia effect at work. Either way, they definitely taper to be ever-so-slightly smaller. These might veer a bit more into cat-eye territory than the one in "Hello," but overall cat-eye glasses are very Adele-approved.

2. The Inner-Outfit

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: it doesn't really matter what you wear under the coat. First of all, I've rewinded the intro a million times and you don't even really see it, the fact that she's wearing a dress is merely a suggestion. That in mind, though, I know it's low-cut enough where the hanging scarf was initially mistake for a plaid dress. And, given Adele's penchant for black lace dresses, a... you know, black lace dress ($17.90) will probably do. Something more retro would win you bonus points, even. Overall, though, I wouldn't stress about it, this is clearly not the focal point of the costume.

3. The Focal Point Of The Costume: The Flip Phone

HERE IS THE THING, there's probably some unfortunate soul in your life that still has a flip phone, or at least has an old razr in their night drawer in case their iPhone breaks before their next upgrade. Crowdsource and see if you can borrow something, because we both know it's not worth the purchase. That said, you could also pick up a toy flip phone($9.31) in the event that everyone around you has transitioned seamlessly into the 21st century.

4. And Finally, The Hair And Make Up

Personally I can't construct a killer cat-eye, but thank GOD for YouTube make-up tutorials. Without those, there's no way I would've been able to pull off my Lana Del Rey costume last year (albeit my eyeliner was still blotchy). I love this Adele tutorial, because you can really see the contrast of light eyeshadow, a deep eye crease, and a bold black flip. Perfection.

And although I'm wig-happy all of the time, I think this look gives you the proper Adele buoyancy. Besides, you need real hair to whip around in the wind forlornly.

And that's it! Have a great Halloween, and try not to drunk dial your ex too many times.

Images: XL/YouTube; Forever 21 (3); JollyChic (1); Jet (1)