Are Evan Peters & The 10 Commandments Killer Connected On 'AHS: Hotel'? His Mission Is Being Completed

There are a lot of questions to be answered in American Horror Story: Hotel. While weeks will be spent pondering if we will ever get an answer to the mysteries lurking behind the walls and inside the mattresses of the ghost and vampire-filled Hotel Cortez, the only question that it seems will be definitely answered by the end of the season is "Who is the 10 Commandments Killer?" These mysterious murders are what lead Det. John Lowe to the Cortez in the first place, where he learns that the Hotel Cortez builder was a notorious psychopath who slayed many of the hotel's tenants over the years. But, are Mr. March and the 10 Commandments Killer related on AHS: Hotel in any way?

After Det. John Lowe learns about March's crimes, he begins to believe there is a connection between the two. Although March seems alive and well inside the Hotel Cortez, he's merely a ghost and seems to be bound to the building, so it's unlikely he's committing the murders himself. March is, however, recruiting others like the Rufio-esque Tristan after he has found a taste for murder. The biggest sign that the 10 Commandments Killer is working with March is their biggest common enemy: God.

After terrifying a countless selection of murder victims, March finally comes across a man who does not fear him, as the victim tells March that "God is in my heart, so there is always hope." Despite his sinister and frightening presence, March was unable to shake his faithful victim. This clearly had an effect on March, who was told, "Men like you could kill thousands, millions, but you will never find peace." March's response? "Well then, I'm just going to have to kill God."

Killing God is a pretty lofty goal, especially for a mortal man. But he wasn't being so literal about it. Later, a pile of March's victims are found outside a cornfield — along with all the bibles from the Hotel Cortez, which March had removed. But, rather than an attack on God, it was an attack on those not obeying the 10 Commandments. In that case, people working on the Sabbath. March also committed another Commandment-related crime when cut off the hands of a thief in accordance with the commandment: Thou Shalt Not Steal. Eventually his crimes caught up to him and March killed himself to avoid police custody.

In the present era, we've seen proof of four new Commandment-related murders. "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery", "Thou Shalt Not Worship False Idols", "Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness", and "Honor Thy Father And Mother" all have respective, brutal crimes associated with them. This means there are four commandments left for March (and whoever he has working for him) to take care of.

So far there are very few clues as to who it could be. Perhaps it's the Countess, dabbling in creative muders where she doesn't feast? Perhaps it's Will Drake, the new hotel owner who could be following in the footsteps of March? Maybe it's Iris, because who even knows with this show? No matter what, it's likely that the Commandments Killer and March are working together — or at least have a common interest.

Image: Suzanne Tenner/FX; Giphy (2); elizabethcortezz/Tumblr