9 Vibrators Inspired By Your Fave Beauty Products

I'm a huge fan of sex toys and all things makeup-related. So when I discovered that two my favorite things could be beautifully united in the form of lipstick vibrators, I was ecstatic. Let's face it: Lipstick is pretty sexy. Perhaps it's the feeling of empowerment and satisfaction it can give you. Maybe it's the colors. The phallic nature of a tube of lipstick could also be partially to blame. And who can deny the sexiness of twisting the base of a tube to slowly reveal the pigmented stick that is your cosmetic lifeline?

Many of these lipstick vibrators are advertised on the basis of the product being discreet. The cosmetic-shaped vibrators offer the luxury of avoiding humiliation if they drop out of your bag in public (the horror). However, I think these toys are rad simply because they look like beauty products, and provide the perfect way for any beauty maven to express their love for lipstick while simultaneously expressing their love for getting off.

Many of these products are surrounded by highly gendered language, but I recommend them to people of all gender identities looking to get their rocks off through clitoral and slight anal stimulation. Without further adieu, check out some of my fave vibrators inspired by the beauty products so many of us love.

1. Realisitic

Grrl Toyz Incognito Lipstick Vibrator, $18.95, Check It Out

Of all the vibrators I've seen in my research, this one looks the most like the real thing. So much so that I would be afraid of actually mistaking it for the numerous drugstore lipsticks in my bag with similar packaging. I love the fancy silver accent as well.

2. Badass

Kandi Kisses, $59, Check It Out

Don't be mistaken by the smear of lipstick in the product image: This is, in fact, a vibrator. The studded packaging is to die for, and very reminiscent of Kat Von D's lipstick collection. The vibrator is also USB rechargeable!

3. Minimalist

Foxy Pocket Toyfriend Magenta/White Lipstick Vibe, $21.99, Check It Out

There is probably no danger that you'll mistake this little guy for your favorite NARS or MAC tube. But what it lacks in fancy faux lipstick packaging it makes up for in sleek minimalist charm. This is one of the cutest vibrators I've ever seen, and its lipstick-like angled tip is a definite plus for stimulation purposes.

4. Versatile

Mia 2 by LELO , $68, Amazon

This cute product is is advertised as discreet and lipstick-sized, but I think it can also be mistaken for a tube of mascara. Available in Deep Rose, Petal Pink, and Onyx Black hues, this six-speed vibrator is quiet, waterproof, and great for clitoral stimulation (although apparently "slight anal use can also be achieved," according to the site).

5. Matte

Mini Max Waterproof Vibrating Lipstick , $8, Amazon

To break up the sea of pink that is the lipstick-vibrator world, here is a bright red option for all your bedroom needs, in fancy matte black packaging to boot. However, as the website playfully suggests, it's also "great for your afternoon commute, bathroom breaks, or solo play at home or in the office." You can truly bring this thing everywhere with you, and use it to get adventurous.

6. All The Fairy Princess Vibes

Blooming Gold Rose Lipstick Vibrator, $24, Pink Cherry

I love this very Disney-princess-meets-woodland-fairy design. In a more unconventional orange shade, the lipstick vibe comes with a cool textured floral cap. Plus, you actually have to twist the base to get the vibrator part out, just like a regular tube of lipstick (hell yes).

7. Soft And Flexible Wand

My Secret Screaming O Vibrator Mascara, $15, Check It Out

This is actually a mascara vibrator. The four-speed toy is perfectly designed for clitoral stimulation with that awesome soft tingle tip. Never have I been more excited over a mascara wand, y'all. This product, and all that came before it, can also double as a beauty product in the blush department. As the website suggests, "Add stylish stimulation to your cosmetic bag with your new favorite accessory, and get a freshly flushed face that could only come from The Screaming O." Amazing.

8. Neon

Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe Blue , $11, Amazon

Change up your boring neutral-colored routine with a pop of neon. Wacky-colored lipsticks (and vibrators) are always fun.

9. Luxe

Cupid's Bow Shin Lipstick Vibrator Pink , $16, Rainbow Depot

This vibrator looks like a designer lip balm and comes with eight little interchangeable sleeves that all have different textures. So fancy.

So, yeah. If you're a fan of getting off and you love a good tube of lipstick, this vibes will have you sorted.

Images: Courtesy Brands