Andi + Alex Disappoint On 'The Voice'

It's the Knockout Rounds and the competition is getting real. So real, in fact, that the unthinkable happened — everyone's favorite twin-duo, Andi and Alex, was eliminated from The Voice . Major bummer — especially since I had predicted they could be the first duo to win this competition. But alas, it's true and now we all have to live with it. But what brought about their great demise? Poor song choice.

Andi + Alex have shined until this point on The Voice. So how did they all of a sudden deliver a less than stellar performance? They chose the wrong song. The two decided to sing "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban for their Knockout Round performance. This, as you might have guessed, is a country song but the duo is known for their hauntingly ethereal, Indie-pop performances. Though as strange of a genre flip it was, it wasn't even the country aspect that sabotaged their performance. It was the separation of their voices.

Until now, Andi + Alex have seemingly sung as one. The sound they're able to produce together is so magical and unique that it's quite possible it could bring a unicorn to life. But their most recent performance shattered my thoughts of rainbows and unicorns. Each of the girls' voices on their own was missing something — their sister. The magic of Andi + Alex comes from their totally insane harmonizing skills. When that aspect is taken away, they're still amazing, but not as amazing as they are when they're one voice.

The other factor working against Andi + Alex was their competition — Blaine Mitchell. Mitchell chose the right song, James Bay's "Hold Back the River," and completely slayed his performance. Anyone would've had a tough time beating him, so being that the twins were having an off day, they didn't have a chance.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC