Andy Grammer Brought Marilyn Manson To 'DWTS'

Even though the cast of Dancing With The Stars is fairly young, the main demographic who watches the show is not, so I never though of Dancing With The Stars as an edgy sort of show. Well, on Halloween week on Dancing With The Stars , Andy Grammer and Allison Holker certainly changed that, doing a paso doble to none other than Marilyn Manson’s hit “Beautiful People”. Not exactly the tune you’d think you’d hear on Dancing With The Stars, right? The setup was this—Allison and Andy were badass, leather-clad vampires with crazy blue contact lenses and killer moves. Allison pushed Andy hard all week to learn the dance, but did all of their hard work pay off?

Um, it totally did. Though Bruno said that Andy’s frame was a little off—slouchy and limp—Carrie Ann loved it (but did echo some of Bruno’s remarks), and Julianne even said that she was a little turned on (same, girl. Same). If that’s not a resounding endorsement of Andy and Allison’s skills, I don’t know what is. These two really work so well together, and this was such an interesting way to watch a paso doble. I am on board with this new way of watching Dancing With The Stars.

I know that there have to be those traditional dances on the show — the waltz, the tango, the foxtrot, etc. — but it’s so much more interesting when these classic dances are given a fresh new twist like the ones that were performed tonight. It really speaks to the level of talent that the dance pros and choreographers have that they’re able to completely reinvent iconic songs and dances to create equally as iconic dance numbers. I think if people knew that the show featured all of these young, amazingly talented youngsters, more of their peers would be watching Dancing With The Stars.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC