The One Sweater Hack You Need To Know

Calling all sweater fiends! If there's one sweater hack you need to know before the temperature drops to unbearable degrees, it's not how to fold or wash your sweaters. It's where to buy them. Instead of scouring the women's section for warm and snuggly sweaters, try the men's department for cozy, winter sweaters instead. And maybe you won't find all of the trendier pieces that you would when shopping for sweaters designed for women, but when it gets super cold, that's kind of the point.

These days, women's sweaters tend to be thin and even cropped. Cute? Sure. Warm? Not so much. Men's sweaters on the other hand, appear to almost always be thicker and heavier. They've got the whole form-meets-function thing down over there. So if you're just over being confused about why you're still cold even though you have, like, three sweaters on, it might be time to see why men aren't always as cold as we are. And sure, it's probably mostly because our bodies function to keep our core warmer, because babies. But those thin sweaters still aren't helping our case. Interested in seeing what men have to offer us? Here are five men's sweater styles that will definitely keep you warm this winter.

Mock Neck

Merona Button Mock Neck Sweater, $25, Target

I mean, look how happy he seems! Probably because he knows his full-length, thick, mock-neck sweater is 10 times warmer than our cropped, sleeveless, mock-neck sweaters (what's even the point of those??).


Dickies Colorblocked Turtleneck, $45, Target

Ladies: We would rock the sh*t out of this colorblocked turtleneck.


Heritage PatternedShawl-Collar Cardigan, $198, Banana Republic

Tell me that's not the warmest-looking sweater you've ever seen.


Topman Ribbed Crewneck Sweater, $70, Nordstrom

It's like their ribbing is just naturally thicker than ours for some reason...


Ribbed Wool-Blend Shawl-Collar Pullover, $99, Banana Republic

Men have so many shawl-collar options and I'm over here like, the back of my neck gets cold too!

Fellas: Watch out. We're coming for your sweaters.

Images: StockSnap/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands