Maddie Ziegler Has An Adorable Shopping Buddy

For the average 13-year old, a day of shopping and browsing through magazines is totally normal, but when you're a famous teen, you spice things up a bit. Maddie Ziegler went shopping with her dog, because she's just like you and me (except that most of us probably wouldn't be allowed to bring our pets into most stores).

When I was 13, I was begging my mom to let me go to the mall on my own. Ziegler, on the other hand, was running around from store to store with her sweet little pooch. This tiny dancer always seems to keep things down to Earth by having fun and doing normal kid stuff, which she should be celebrated for. Hold on to it while you can, Ziegler. Time moves fast!

She might act her age, but it's clear that her style is far beyond her years. For her recent shopping trip, she dressed in jean shorts, Yeezy Boost sneakers, and a black lace-up shirt, making for a truly model-worthy look. Actually, she seemed to channel both Kendall and Kylie Jenner with this outfit.

As for the dog in the picture, her name is Maliboo and she's the official Abby Lee Dance Company mascot. Oh, and the dog has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Totally normal shopping day, Mads.

Despite having an uber-famous dog and an outfit that I would kill for, Ziegler is just a normal 13-year-old. She does the same things that we did as kids, but in a way cooler and enviable way.

1. She Experiments With Makeup

Thanks to her performance roots, she's always been around makeup, but she's started experimenting with some daytime looks too. OK,, so she has someone to do it for her. Tomato-tomahto.

2. She Reads Fashion Magazines

Along with reading fashion magazines, she also stars in them. This was my dream as a young teen, so I salute her.

3. She Hangs Out With Friends

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just because most of her friends are famous doesn't mean they don't hang out like regular kids. At Fashion Week. Sitting front row.

4. Keeping Up With The Latest Styles

To some teenagers, this means pouring over fashion magazines. To Ziegler, this means visiting said fashion magazines.

5. Obsessing Over Fashion Shows

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She obviously knows that the best view really is from the stage.

6. Dancing Like No Ones Watching

Her dance moves might be way better than your average teen's, but she still has fun with it!

7. Watching Pretty Little Liars

While your average teen watches Pretty Little Liars from the comfort of home, Ziegler is featured in the show as a #creepydancer.

Oh, and she gets to hang out with the fashionable cast. I'd call that living the dream.

So really she's just a cooler version of my 13-year-old self. A waaay cooler version.

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