What The Plastics Would Wear If They Were Witches

Wouldn’t it be incredible if a Mean Girls coven existed? Personally, I would love to see Regina George as the leader of a notorious teen witch girl gang. Nancy Downs would look like an elementary school kid practicing magic tricks in comparison. Regina would rule the school like a literal queen bee, able to cast a spell on whoever she wanted to do her bidding. If anyone tried to take her down, she’d curse them by writing their name in her Burn Book.

Cady, on the other hand, would observe Regina’s powers while undercover and watch how each year on Halloween, Gretchen and Karen are forced to dress up as animals to remind them of the one time they stood up to Regina and she transformed them into a cat and a mouse. Regina would use her magical powers to scare people into being “friends” with her and eventually Cady would attempt to steal Regina’s precious Burn Book in order to adopt her powers.

This is probably how Mean Girls: Coven would play out, but that doesn’t mean that you have to have the attitude of a teen witch Plastic in order to dress like one. So here’s a style guide for your school (or working) week that a coven of Plastics would worship.


Start the week off with a comedic pop culture reference tank straight from Mean Girls that pokes fun at Harry Potter.

Harry Potter "Boo You Whorecrux" Boxy Cropped Tank Top, $25,

If you fancy something a little less swear-y on a Monday morning, opt for this saucy skeletal bodysuit.

Plus Hollie Glow In The Dark Skeleton Bodysuit, $26,

Take inspiration from Cady's cutesy, baby blue plaid skirt but put a grunge twist on it with this blood red one, which is available in sizes S to XXL. Nancy Downs would be proud.

Royal Bones By Tripp Red Plaid Skirt, $22.12,


As a teen witch, you may be able to contact the dead — but don't forget your potential extraterrestrial friends too! This tee (which features a classic Regina quote) is available in sizes S to XL.

Mean Girls Alien T-Shirt, $22,

Instead of a voodoo doll, why not carry around Amber D'Alessio's hot dog, that she allegedly made out with? You never know when you might need to make a potion containing DNA from her saliva.

Mean Girls Amber D'Alessio Hot Dog Bottle Necklace, $10.97,

Give your outfit a gothic edge with this leather look asymmetrical zip skirt.

Asymmetrical Zip Midi Skirt, $48.50,

Or if you're tired of wearing skirts, wear these killer PU pants. Since they don't fit into the categories of jeans or track pants — which according to the Plastics' rules, you're only allowed to wear on Fridays — it's more than acceptable to sport these biker pants on a Tuesday.

Noisy May Biker PU Pants With Zip Knee Detail, $94,


Of course, a Mean Girls coven would not wear pink on Wednesdays, but black instead. This cool tee also features goth girl idol Wednesday Addams, who I'm sure any teen witch would idolize. This design comes in sizes S to XL.

Wednesday Adams Goth Mean Girls T-Shirt, $21,

Just because a girl is a witch doesn't mean she can't be traditionally feminine and flirty too.

Vero Moda Tiered Ruffle Short Skirt, $15,

For a dose of even more feminine frou-frou, wear this tulle petticoat that will juxtapose nicely against your goth girl T-shirt.

Layered Tulle Petticoat, $15.48,

Commemorate Gretchen and her never-ending quest to make "fetch" happen with this adorably creepy heart necklace.

Silver Mean Girls Heart Cameo Necklace, $6.25,


Considering the last time you wore a tank top may have been Monday, it's totally grool to wear this one on Thursday. This bewitching tank top is available in sizes XS to XL.

You Can't Fly With Us Tank Top, $24.95,

Give your ensemble some futuristic vibes with this powder pink metallic skirt.

Story Of Lola Mini Skirt In Metallic Leather Look, $69,

Alternatively, if you feel like teasing some guys who you cast a love spell on, this tight lip-smacking skirt is the way to go.

Barbie Lip Print Pencil Skirt, $36.48,

A teen witch is nothing without her spell book, but the Plastics' coven relies on their Burn Book. Keep its secrets close to your heart.

Mean Girls Burn Book Book Locket, $16.39,


Get super creepy vibes with a pretty edge in this gruesomely gorgeous, slimy style dress that is available in sizes 2 to 20.

Barbie Pink Sequin Tears Dress, $145,

Enter Girl World with some fluffy, black socks that scream girly goth.

Black Marabou Fluffy '90s Socks, $11,

With this sartorial arsenal, you and your best witches will be the most stylish coven in town.

Images: Paramount Pictures (1); Courtesy Brands