13 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Goth Girl In Summer

The summer season is fast approaching and goths all over the globe are tossing and turning in their coffins at the mere thought of stepping out into the sun. Just kidding, but honestly it is a tough task for folks who dabble in gothic fashion and "lifer" goths to traverse the mine field that is goth summer style.

Dressing like a goth is tricky: Not only is it a difficult style to pull off in the sweltering summer months (black soaks up the heat y'all) but you may want to pull off gothic attire that makes you feel attractive and fashionable — not be covered in hundreds of layers and sweating buckets. What's more: You've got a hard act to follow. There have been tons of super fashionable goths in pop culture through the decades and the goth subculture is one of the longest surviving of its era. Jeez, being a goth is hard.

As adults, we (hopefully) won't get tormented for channeling (or being) goths as much as during the adolescent days of yesteryear. I hated how cruel the other kids were to Wednesday Addams when she went to summer camp in Addams Family Values just because she had her own unique style. However, her cynical attitude and wit allowed her to come out on top as she gave as much as she got.

So here's a style guide for summer 2015 to ensure you'll be the most fashionable goth in the cemetery.

1. The Floaty Dress

Strappy Chiffon Maxi Dress, $47, Forever 21

This dress proves that you don't have to bear all to look sultry. It sports a low V-neckline and a low, criss-crossed back that give off an air of elegance. Chiffon will be your life saver in the summer months.

2. The Ironically Comedic Tee

BS Bear Tee, $46, Black Score

Get yourself a humorous tee because even goths laugh... sometimes. IMO, the best tees are those that turn pop culture references on their heads and add a touch of black comedy into the mix. This particular Care Bears inspired tee is a riot. Plus, all of Black Score's shirts are hand printed so you can flip the mass produced clothing industry the finger, just like BS Bear.

3. Black Dungarees

Moto Black Short Dungarees, $70, Top Shop

Bring some tomboy vibes to your outfit with these black overalls. If you want to juxtapose them with a feminine touch, add some frilly ankle socks or accessories in a neon color or a pastel shade — yes pastel, I shall elaborate later. You'll be thankful to unleash your bare legs in the heat of high summer, too, just make sure if you have deathly pale skin and you want to keep it that way, to apply extra layers of sunscreen or a higher SPF.

4. Steampunk Accessories

Steampunk Crystal Volcano Earrings Steamretro, $29, Steampunk

Steampunk is actually a subculture all on its own, although there seem to be frequent crossovers between the goth, steampunk, and Victoriana subcultures. By adding steampunk accessories to your outfit, you give an eclectic nod to your sister subculture.

5. The Wednesday Addams Dress

Love Me Dress, $121, Coco Fennell

Coco Fennell is fast-developing a cult following. From the mermaidens of Instagram to celebs like Paloma Faith (who was seen in this particular style), everyone is going nuts for this awesome brand — myself included! This particular frock has a real Wednesday Addams vibe about it with its white, oversized collar. The cute hearts keep it ironic and the short length will keep you cool.

6. Skull Jewelry

Howlite Skull Black Macrame Bracelet, $15, Folksy

Skulls, skulls, and more skulls. In fact, add anything remotely morbid to your gothic outfit to inspire feelings of death and highlight our mortality. Unless you're an actual, immortal vampire, then good for you!

7. Sheer Separates

The Answer is Sheer Top, $40, Modcloth

Sheer separates such as tops or skirts can add an edge to your outfit. Depending on what look you're going for, you can find pieces out there that will add a touch of femininity (like this polka dot top), androgyny, or masculinity. The sheer panelling will ensure you don't overheat. This particular style is available in sizes S to 3XL.

8. The Creepy Creepers

T.U.K. Hello Kitty Bow Dot Stack Creepers, $92, Hot Topic

Big, black boots are synonymous with the gothic style; but trust me, you don't want to be caught on the beach in mid July in knee-high, black leather boots; you'll roast! So an alternative choice of footwear that is still really cool is the creeper. This particular style is a wedge — perfect for all the petite ladies out there desiring a boost — and it flaunts a cutesy Hello Kitty design. I am not sure how, why, or when Hello Kitty became a poster girl (or poster cat) for goths, but she did! She lends a soft, youthful edge to lady goths out there who want to keep their outfits girly.

9. The Black Pleather Skirt

Mia Mesh Insert PU Skater Skirt, $20, Boohoo

Leather is a goth wardrobe staple, but if you want a cruelty-free alternative, try a PU or pleather (faux leather) version. This skater style with its mesh insert is easy and breezy to wear as it's not restrictive so it will allow your skin to breathe.

10. Color Is Your Friend

RAW Lavender Cloud Demi-Permanent Hair Color, $10, Hot Topic

Remember, color is your friend; perhaps not your BFF but definitely a good friend you like to go for dinner with every couple of weeks. Goths of the past used to shy away from color, as if contact with a colorful item would make them melt like The Wicked Witch of the West.

However, neo goths like Brooke Candy are changing modern gothic style. Although still lovers of midnight shades, neo goths are not afraid to play with color, including to old school goth Morticia Addams' distaste, pastels.

Neons were the color of choice for the '90s goth but pastels are a goth's sidekick now. Wear a pastel tee under your overalls, pastel accessories, or choose the ultimate neo gothic accessory — pastel colored hair. Just make sure that black is still the main player in your color palette.

11. Taxidermy Jewelry

Real Rattlesnake Vertebrae Snake Spine Bones Cameo Resin Pendant, $45, Etsy

Make your outfit truly creepy with taxidermy jewelry, such as this real rattlesnake spine bone cameo. The more authentic yet cruelty free the better!

12. Crystal Pendants

Black Tourmaline Necklace, $44, The Colourful Dot Boutique

Crystals are massively on trend right now, specifically with eco warrior femmes and neo goths. Wear a black tourmaline necklace to add a witchy vibe to your outfit. This beauty is from The Colourful Dot (another of my favorite online stores) whose pieces have been featured by health food guru Deliciously Ella and The Sunday Times Style. This particular gem is for "protection" so you can fend off negative energy — where were these when we were in school?!

13. The Black Lipstick

Unicorn Lipstick in "Styletto," $18, Lime Crime

Of course a goth girl's outfit would not be complete without her classic black lipstick. Wear this hugely pigmented shade to match the color of your heart.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (3); YouTube/MisterDT7; Courtesy Brands