11 Things That 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Needs To Include If Jon & Sansa Are Reunited (You Know, If He Doesn't Stay Dead)

Sure, there are still several months standing between all of us and Game of Thrones Season 6 — but more and more spoilers are pouring in everyday, so the wait doesn't seem so excruciating. The latest possible spoiler is one of epic proportions, so if you don't want to know, turn back now. OK, spoiler addicts still with me? Good, because Watchers on the Wall reports the "Battle of the Bastards" is filming and it could feature a reunion between two Stark siblings: Sansa and Jon Snow. Yeah. That warm feeling in your chest is called happiness. I know it's not usually associated with Game of Thrones, but sometimes nice things do happen.

Well, sort of nice things: While both Sophie Turner and Kit Harington have reportedly been spotted filming in the same locale, the Battle of the Bastards (so named because the opposing sides are said to be led by Jon and Ramsay) is supposed to be a sprawling beast of a battle that will claim many lives. In other words, it's not an ideal place for a sibling reunion... but if I can get two Starks in the same place at the same time I am not going to quibble about the circumstances.

Jon and Sansa have faced a long road, and while they were never the closest siblings, they are close to being all the other has left in the world when it comes to family. When the two come face to face again, there is so much I want them to say to each other. If the Jon and Sansa reunion goes down, these 11 things have to happen.

1. Jon & Sansa Need To Hug

I know it is a simple thing, but it is absolutely necessary. Even though they were never close, I desperately want to see Sansa and Jon greet each other with a hug. They both need one, that's for sure.

2. They Kick Ramsay's Ass

Family is always stronger together than they are apart. If Sansa and Jon reunite to take on the Boltons, I want them to be the ones who finally kill Ramsay. After every horrible thing he has done, it is time for Ramsay to face some Stark wrath.

3. Jon Takes Back Winterfell For Sansa

Catelyn and Sansa always viewed Jon as a threat in many ways, but I don't think Jon would ever try to take his sister's place in the line of succession. To see him win back Winterfell for the Starks and then pass leadership on to his trueborn sister would solidify their relationship in a meaningful way.

4. They Have To Talk About Better Times...

Ramsay has tainted Winterfell with his violence. I want to see Sansa and Jon reclaim Winterfell on an emotional level as well as a physical one. I just want one, quiet scene between the two of them remembering happy times when they were growing up in Winterfell and winter was far, far off in the future.

5. And Swap War Stories

They've both been through so much — like, Jon almost certainly died. Neither of them has anyone who can fully understand the enormity of what they have been through, but their shared past could help them come to terms with the horrors they've faced.

6. Jon Should Teach Sansa How To Use A Sword

I don't know how long they will have together, but it would be amazing to see Jon show Sansa at least the basics of how to use a sword. Giving Arya her sword Needle was such a huge gesture on Jon's part, I would love to see him do something similar for Sansa. As much as I would love for them to stick together, I don't think Sansa and Jon's reunion will last. He can offer her a way to protect herself in the future though.

7. Sansa Needs To Naturalize Jon

Once Sansa is crowned Queen of the North (this is a thing that has to happen), she can legitimize Jon. It doesn't even have to be formal — I just want to see her make the gesture and acknowledge that no matter who Jon's true parents are, he is a Stark in her eyes.

8. They Bond Over Ghost

Sansa lost Lady so long ago, being close to Ghost would be good for her. I just need to see her with a direwolf again, OK?

9. They Vow To Find Arya

Assuming Brienne gets in on this battle action, and I don't know why she wouldn't, Jon and Sansa could find out Arya is alive. If they vow to find her — possibly by sending Brienne on a mission to bring her back — I will never ask for another single thing from this show.

10. Jon Tells Sansa About Whatever It Is That Brings Him Back To Life

Having Jon tell Sansa the whole story about what his brothers did to him and how he returns is a conversation I want to hear. These two were children when they last saw each other, but they are adults now. Jon sharing what will surely be his darkest, most confusing secret with Sansa would be a big deal.

11. They Give Each Other A Proper Goodbye

If Sansa and Jon are reunited it will only be a matter of time before they are torn apart again. This time, I hope they offer each other a true goodbye because in Westeros you never know when a goodbye will be final.

I know I have a long list of requests, but a Stark reunion is major. If Sansa and Jon are going to meet again, I want them to make the most of whatever amount of time they have together.

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