The Trotter Lake Events Are Revealed On 'HTGAWM'

The time has come for the Trotter Lake mystery on How to Get Away with Murder to finally be revealed. It's been a tease for weeks of what happened with Asher at Trotter Lake. We knew that it was when he was young. We knew that it involved a girl named Tiffany. And we knew that Asher would do anything — even turn Annalise Keating in to the ADA Emily Sinclair — to cover it up. So what happened? Turns out, Tiffany Howard was gang raped at Trotter Lake, and Asher was somehow involved.

Up until now, Trotter Lake seemed like this mysterious place where bad things happen. Bad things that we, as an audience, would never learn about. ADA Emily was doing everything in her power to keep Asher on her leash, blackmailing him with Trotter Lake. We know that, in a few short weeks, Emily is going to be a D-E-A-D ADA, and we're probably going to have to wait even longer to find out if Asher had anything to do with that. But, in the meantime, at least we can revel in one revealing plot line.

The details are still fuzzy, as we only learned that that Tiffany was supposedly gang raped at Trotter Lake. There aren't anymore details to the case — those will probably come next week when Bonnie digs into Asher's past a little more. We don't even know if Tiffany is alive or dead at this point in time. We also don't even know if Asher was involved in the gang rape, or if he was a witness to it and didn't say anything about the crime.

It's pretty shocking to find out that this is what occurred at Trotter Lake. I was preparing for the worst, but my jaw still hit the ground when Emily screamed to Bonnie — across a parking lot, nonetheless — that Tiffany was gang raped. I think an important clue to whether Asher was involved or not directly in the rape is the fact that Emily didn't say Asher raped Tiffany. Still, passivity of a crime like rape is terrible, and if Asher kept his mouth shut, or had his dad cover up what happened, then that says a lot about Asher's character.

After Emily tells Bonnie about Tiffany, I don't see Bonnie not looking into the Trotter Lake rape. I don't know what that means for the future of her and Asher, but maybe Asher felt so guilty about what happened that he turned himself in and that's why he walks into a police station in the flash forward? Trotter Lake's events might have been revealed, but I think we're going to find out even more to the story in the coming weeks.

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Images: John Fleenor/ABC