9 Supernatural Girl Gangs That Give Every Ghoulish Gal #SquadGoals

Where my ghouls at? Halloween season might already be over, but I'm already looking forward to next year's All Hallows without shame. You can bet your ass that I've been texting my lady friends nonstop to solidify group Halloween plans, even as they're like, "Mary Grace. Come on. It's November." Though costume-wise I've narrowed it down to just me and my one friend (group costumes exhaust me), my collective mindset is just grateful that I have so many badass babes to celebrate the holiday with. And you can too, if you tune into any TV show or movie with female supernatural squads.

From terrible twosomes to extended coven families, I'm pretty in sync with any group of monster BFFs. Sorceresses! Vampires! Werewolves! A veritable melange of all three! Whether it's the witch sisters in Hocus Pocus, the witch sisters in Charmed, or the witch sisters in... well, pretty much any other movie, girl gangs are always infinitely better when they're gifted with extraordinary power (and black lipstick). And, over the course of my life, there have been plenty of spooky BFFS that have captured my heart… luckily not literally.

Anyway, here are some on my favorite ghoul squads that exemplify style and sisterhood (very often with actual sisterhood, but mostly with backstabbing and betrayal). It's like Mean Girls, plus the occult, multiplied by awesome.

1. Nancy, Sarah, Bonnie, And Rochelle From The Craft


Obvious first pick, but it must be done. Every mildly to moderately alternative girl has wanted to channel these schoolgirls-gone-wicked for Halloween, and it's clear to see why. Once Sarah joined the crew, they were really able to elevate their powers and make themselves into queeeeens. It's just a bummer that Nancy had to go all psychotic and all.

2. Everyone At Miss Robichaux's Academy From American Horror Story: Coven


Not even everyone who attended as a "student," I mean like literally everyone who went through those rotating doors. For all intents and purposes, that includes Stevie Nicks. Brilliant feminist dynamics were woven throughout the season, but, once again, witches be killing each other in the quest to be declared the new Supreme. Thankfully, the finale seemed to imply the Academy was in a better place, no?

3. Goody And Stacy From Vamps


Ooooh, this Amy Heckerling flick is a personal guilty pleasure of mine (Krysten Ritter, Alicia Silverstone, and goth clubs are all pertinent to my interests). But yeah, you'd be hard pressed to find better undead roomies than these chicks.

4. Louise And Madame Serena From Teen Witch


An unlikely pair that just happened to be reincarnated from the same clan of 1600s Salem sorceresses. Big props for Madame Serena, who consistently supports Louise's amateur spell-making and efforts to become the most popular girl.

5. Alexandra, Jane, and Sukie From The Witches of Eastwick


Three of the biggest power players in Hollywood just happen to find out that they're witches. I mean, duh, of course Cher's a witch, how else do you look that good at 69-years-old?

6. Basically A Good Chunk Of The Scoobies On Buffy The Vampire Slayer


The Scoobies line-up was constantly changing, and, yeah, always mixed gender, but, overwhelmingly, it was about female power. Buffy was the Chosen One, burdened with remarkable strength, agility, and sass. Willow was the most powerful wicca in the Western Hemisphere. Anya was an on-again, off-again vengeance demon with personal knowledge of the last millennia. And Cordelia... I loved Cordelia. All this, and let's not forget that huge Slayer army towards the end.

7. Piper, Phoebe, And Paige (Or Prue) From Charmed


Yeah, personally I'm more of a fan of the Rose McGowan years, and I don't think there's any shame in that.

8. Winnie, Mary, And Sarah From Hocus Pocus


Speaking of witch sisters, bow down to the originals. Yes, they didn't ultimately get to consume and children, but you know what? They kept the party going until dawn, and you have to respect that kind of tenacity.

9. Brigitte And Ginger From Ginger Snaps


And speaking of more werewolf-y sisters, these two. Before Ginger's downward spiral until lycanthropy, you can't deny that her and Brigitte were a great duo, with their off-putting demeanors and murder photoshoots. This film is proof that puberty ruins everything.

So there you have it. If that isn't a substantial enough candy cluster of paranormal princesses to keep you company this Halloween, than I encourage you to go out and find your own sister-witches... and the like.

Images: Columbia Pictures; Giphy (9)