'Southpaw' On Netflix Won't Happen For Awhile, But You Can Still Stream Jake Gyllenhaal Right Now

One of the most-anticipated films of this past summer was Southpaw, which saw Jake Gyllenhaal get ripped to portray a retired boxer whose life is in shambles and is forced to step back into the ring to right his wrongs. Although the film had people talking prior to its release, it didn't make much noise in the box office once it hit theaters. The movie grossed only $52 million in the U.S., not quite a blockbuster; it seems Southpaw fell into the old trap of people wanting to see the film, but preferring to wait until they could watch it at home rather than invest in a trip to the movie theater. So, for those fans who took this stance, you're probably now wondering when Southpaw will come to Netflix — and I've got you covered.

The answer is: not for a while. Southpaw was just released on Digital HD and Blu-Ray/DVD earlier this month, so with any new release it's going to probably at least a year before Netflix acquires the rights to show the film, if ever. And while Netflix does have a deal with The Weinstein Company, who distributes Southpaw, to gain first window access to their films, the deal doesn't kick in until 2016's releases, meaning that Southpaw is likely heading to Weinstein's current partner Showtime before anywhere else. But just because you can't catch Southpaw on Netflix doesn't mean you can't stream any movies starring its lead actor into your home. Here are five other Jake Gyllenhaal flicks you can stream right now to tide you over until Southpaw arrives.


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One of Gyllenhaal's best-reviewed films ever, this crime thriller from last year earned the actor a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of a shady crime photographer.

Where to watch: Netflix.


irkaiel on YouTube

2005 was a big year for Gyllenhaal, as his role in Brokeback Mountain led to his first Oscar nomination. But that wasn't his only critically-acclaimed performance that year. He also starred opposite Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins in this film, an adaptation of David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name.

Where to watch: Netflix.


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Another big 2005 performance was this movie, in which Gyllenhaal plays a marine struggling in Iraq during the first Gulf War. The timing of the film was especially relevant, as the U.S. had just entered a second war with Iraq two years earlier and the war was at the front of everyone's mind.

Where to watch: HBO Now/HBO GO.


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One of the actor's more challenging performances, Gyllenhaal plays two men who are exact duplicates of one another, and their lives begin to intertwine in dangerous (and creepy) ways.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.


LOVELYcontrast on YouTube

It's the early '90s all over again in this 2002 road trip film, where a pre-superstar Gyllenhaal, Jared Leto, and Selma Blair portray a group of friends on the lam from the mob in 1994. Jeremy Piven and Scrubs' John C. McGinley also show up in supporting roles.

Where to watch: Hulu.

Jake Gyllenhaal has been churning out great performances for over a decade. So even though you can't yet stream Southpaw on Netflix, isn't it time you caught up on the rest of his portfolio?

Images: The Weinstein Company