Frank Is Being Frank Again On 'HTGAWM'

If you need something handled around Annalise Keating's office, you call Frank. And, BTW, when I say "handled" I mean "murdered." For instance, Frank killed Lila when Sam told him to. He has done many a questionable (and illegal) things for Annalise since Season 1 began. And on Thursday, the blood on his hands might have just gotten messier because it looked like Frank might have killed Catherine Hapstall on How To Get Away With Murder . As it turns out, he didn't, but I still have no idea what is going on.

We don't know if Catherine is dead, yet, but let's just say that she did not look like she was cruising with Frank in the back of his car — on the ground — going to get a McFlurry at McDonalds. In the opening scene of "Two Birds, One Millstone," Frank was seen rushing beside Annalise as she was taken into the hospital after almost dying in the Hapstall house. He seemed very worried about Annalise's future. That was, until, he walked outside of the hospital, caught a glimpse of a camera, and went from grieving coworker to cold, unreadable Frank. Oh — and then he got in his car and there was a very dead looking Catherine in the back seat.

Catherine's whereabouts during all of this flash forward business has been questionable for a few weeks now. When Michaela visited Caleb in the apartment after leaving the crime scene, Caleb asked how "she" was. "She" was suspected to be Catherine, because "she" was MIA during all of the events thus far. And if she's just been laying in Frank's back seat, then that would explain a few things.

So for the whole episode, it seemed like Frank killed Catherine. I wish I could say I was surprised, but I can't keep track of Frank, so it doesn't really shock me. What does shock me, though, is when seemingly dead people wake up and scare the sh*t out of you. And that's exactly what happened in the final moments of the episode.

It seemed like Frank was disposing of Catherine's body by a lake or a pond in the forest where I think all the shady stuff happens on HTGAWM. Annalise even calls Frank and asks if he's "taking care of it, the right way." For a second, it seemed like it was going to be Rebecca's body, but PLOT TWIST, it's Catherine.

The next day — or so — a search party officer comes around to Catherine's body, still laying there with no movement, and calls in that she's found the subject. Then — THEN — another plot twist, Catherine wakes up! Like, she literally shoots up from the dead, except she wasn't dead. I don't know what she was doing, but she is alive. And Frank might be so screwed.

If Frank thought Catherine was dead, then he is in some trouble. If she knows how she got there, then I don't doubt she'll turn in Annalise and Frank for trying to kill her. Unless, what if Frank, Annalise, and Catherine are all working on something together? By now in Frank's career as a professional murderer and shady guy — do we think that's his business card title? — he should know how to check if someone is for sure dead. I don't think he'd make that mistake, and if so, then sloppy work Frank.

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Images: John Fleenor/ABC