Mellie & Rowan Are Teaming Up On 'Scandal'

Well, here's an alliance I never expected to see on Scandal. It's been pretty clear that Mellie is unraveling this season, even worse than when she was Smelly Mellie after Jerry's death. With her senatorship threatened and her divorce from Fitz behind her, Mellie's dream of eventually becoming president seems to be slipping from her grasp... until she found the perfect way to change all that. Now, Mellie is teaming up with Rowan, and the two of them are going to take Fitz down. Oh, and they want Olivia's help with it.

Funny how quickly this team formed after Mellie previously had no idea who this dude was, but that all changed on this Thursday's episode. Olivia asked her to get Rowan out of jail in order to save Fitz from impeachment, and as soon as the former FLOTUS realized that the guy responsible for forcing her to kill a bus full of jurors was Olivia's dad, she was horrified. And then, she was even more horrified when Olivia let her know that he was also the one behind Jerry dying, too. This made something in Mellie snap, and suddenly, she was even more hellbent on destroying Fitz than she's ever been.

And Fitz should be pretty scared right about now, because I definitely wouldn't bet against Mellie.

In fact, she managed to make Olivia call off her last minute wedding to Fitz, thinking that she'd agreed to letting Rowan out of jail. But nope, that wasn't the case at all. Because when Olivia met up with Mellie, Rowan was actually out of jail, but not for the reason she expected. Nope, Rowan's determined to take Fitz out — and by out, I'm assuming he means kill, because he's a pretty scary dude — and Mellie is enlisting Olivia to do the dirty work for her.

We won't know what that entails until next week's episode, but it's clear that Rowan is more dangerous than he's ever been before. And as for Mellie? She definitely doesn't know who she's messing with. A mastermind, yes. But she's never stricken me as the evil kind.

Fitz, you better run. And if not, it's been nice knowing you.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC, Giphy