Who Is Phillip On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? Meet Oliver & Connor's New Nightmare

Secret baby alert! There's a secret baby on How to Get Away with Murder, and it's not anyone we know or like or even care about, but the secret baby is definitely going to screw stuff up for all the people we know or like or even care about. On "Two Birds, One Millstone," a secret baby, Phillip, was suspected to be the Hapstall murderer — potentially exonerating Caleb and Catherine's name in their parents murder. But, something tells me Phillip is not done with his wicked games, as we learned that Phillip knows that Oliver and Connor know about him on HTGAWM .

So, I love a secret baby twist. It's the best kind of twist. Way better than an evil twin twist. But, I don't know if I'm going to like this secret baby twist, because this secret baby twist might also be an evil secret baby twist, the evil aimed at Coliver. Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain. We learned that the aunt of Catherine and Caleb might have been killed by her son, who she put up for adoption, named Phillip. Once his birth mom was dead, and the Hapstall parents were dead, the only people in the way of him inheriting a ton of money were Catherine and Caleb. If they were in jail, he'd be the sole beneficiary.

So where does Oliver come into play? Oliver — being the computer hacker he is — dug around a little and found out Phillip's identity. Even though Connor told him not to, he did. And he even hacked his computer. Usually, I'd be like, You go, Oliver. But that's not so much the case in this situation, because we learned at the end of the episode that Phillip had actually hacked the camera on Oliver's computer, and now knows that Oliver and Connor know his identity — and probably that he has killed three people to inherit money.

And guess what? I don't think that bodes very well for Coliver. This guy seems like he'll do anything for this money, and if Coliver is standing in his way, I worry that one of them might become the collateral damage in Phillip getting away with the money, and the crimes. We've only just been introduced to Phillip, so maybe he's a really nice guy who didn't kill his mother, aunt, and uncle, but because this is HTGAWM, I doubt that. People on this show don't just ~let things go~, and something tells me Phillip is one of those people.

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