19 Celebs Who Love Justin Bieber (Yeah, They Exist)

More often than not, we hear about all the hate that Justin Bieber gets. I am not saying some of it is not warranted — I'm not saying I haven’t participated in some naysaying, either. I totally have. But I think while we can all agree that some of Biebs’s behavior has been in reprehensibly bad, he’s not a villain either. The singer does have good qualities and commendable attributes. Enough of them, in fact, that a lot of celebrities love Justin Bieber. And if your peers who know you personally can still dig you, I suppose that speaks louder than some misguided actions from your past.

If you’re befuddled and can’t imagine that there is an actual extensive list of Bieber lovers, I assure you, they exist. I have full on proof. There is undeniable evidence that there are a surprising amount of stars who do actually love Biebs and interact with him on the regular. Not just any celebrities, either. This list is made up of popular public personas who you probably love. Take some time for yourself to let that process.

Hold on to your hats, people. Here are 19 celebrities who love Justin Bieber:

1. Usher

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bieber does stupid stuff. I know, you know, Usher knows. But the 37-year-old said to Nylon Guys , "Do I turn my head in shame based off of what I see, what I know? Nah, I don't because it's all part of life's process. Am I in it with him? Yeah."

That's unconditional love, everybody.

2. Kendall Jenner

The love here is evident, the two are total pals. I mean, they were even thought to be dating. Or, you know, maybe they actually were...

3. Kylie Jenner

Like her sister, Kylie is a true friend of The Biebs. And, obvs, true friends show their love through Snapchat covers of their songs.

4. OK, Basically All OF The Kardashians

Even little Mason Disick is a fan.

5. Ludacris

Comedy Central on YouTube

To roast is to love. Also, I think this goes down as the most easy going roast segment in history.

6. Carly Rae Jepsen

Listen, I'd love the guy who propelled me to stardom, too. No questions asked. OK, maybe some questions.

7. Charlie Puth

You know how I know he really meant it? He didn't even tag Bieber. Just pure appreciation.

8. Ruby Rose

Love is when you're unrelated, inseparable twins constantly twinning.

9. Ed Sheeran

Listen, I am as shocked as you are.

10. Ryan Seacrest

To be fair, I don't think there's a person, other than Simon Cowell (remember their American Idol rapport?), who Seacrest doesn't love.

11. Halsey

Halsey is a total fan girl for The Biebs. Makes sense, talent recognizes talent.

12. Niall Horan (?!)

I can't form coherent thoughts. There's just a big confusion bubble over my head with a lot of question marks. Apparently, they even hung out together with Cody Simpson this past July.

13. Cody Simpson

Speak of the devil!

14. Shawn Mendes

After an unintentional diss where Bieber asked who Mendes was, Bieber made a public social media acknowledgement of the dude and his music, which was a pretty nice thing of him to do. And it clearly looks like Mendes more than appreciates the gesture and Bieber himself.

15. Chance The Rapper

He loves him so much he's highlighting his best dance moves.

16. Ellen DeGeneres

Jonn Richar on YouTube

You definitely don't share playful banter with someone you hate, or give them a platform to publicly right themselves. It's clear after his many appearances on her show, DeGeneres is a fan. She's also too good for this world.

17. Becky G.

Jamming out to a fellow artist's new song is definitely a solid way to show your affection.

18. Snoop Dogg

Et tu, Snoop?

19. Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice not only digs his music, she seems to like him in real life, as well.

There you have it, folks. They're here. They exist. And they're vocal about it. Maybe we should give him a chance, too?