Justin Bieber On 'Ellen' Videos Are A Point Of Contention At His Roast So Here Are His Best Moments From The Show

Justin Bieber has done a really good job of being someone that we talk about over the course of the years. Up until the beginning of 2015, the things being said weren't extremely positive (which we'll hear all about on the Roast of Justin Bieber March 30). Then, Bieber started visiting Ellen DeGeneres' show to let the public know that he is trying to be a better person. From Ellen Degeneres' birthday show to the end of February, Bieber started a residency on Ellen, appearing each week. During his time there, he reminded the audience of a fun, young, cool kid side to himself that was probably forgotten by many, which is why we should re-live his best moments on the talk show.

Fans and non-fans of Bieber's weren't the only ones to take notice to his Ellen appearances. At the Roast of Justin Bieber, Bieber's appearances on the show became a topic of conversation among the comedians (and Martha Stewart) roasting him. One of the standout jokes that was made about Bieber's Ellen appearances — that appeared on many sites covering the "Nastiest Burns" of the roast — was made by Bieber's "Baby" co-performer, Ludacris (Luda, if you will). The joke is as follows:

You’re not tough, Justin. I’m here to let you know that. I know you’ve been on Ellen 14 times. You act so much like a p—y on the show, Ellen tried to eat you.

Uh, yikes. So with Bieber's appearances on Ellen being that much of a point of contention, let's relive some of his best moments on the talk show.

His Most Heartfelt Appearance

This was after Degeneres' birthday show were Bieber seemed a little nervous (to say the least). He returned to Ellen to explain why he was so nervous (and also defend the video he posted of him crying about being so nervous). He seems very honest (and still nervous) talking about it. It is a rare moment of heartfelt Bieber versus cocky Bieber that the audience was used to seeing previous years.

His Best Scared Appearance

Degeneres is known for scaring her guests, and Justin Bieber is no exception.

His Best Fan Appearance

A week or so earlier than this video, Bieber had done a phone prank on this "superfan" of his. Degeneres' show invited her out to California, where she didn't know she was going to meet Bieber. He seems happy to oblige a fan's love for him, even though I was distracted by her hand on his thigh.

His Best Prank Appearance

Bieber donned a fat-suit, beard, security uniform, and sunglasses while ushering unsuspecting Ellen audience members into the building. Maybe this will make you stare a little closer at your TSA agent next time you go through airport security.

His Most Honest Appearance

This combines my favorite thing — awkward situations — with my favorite game — Never Have I Ever — and throws in Madonna just for fun, and it does not disappoint. Though, I am with Degeneres on the "Never Have I Ever... Been thrown out of a bar." Come one, J.

His Most Adorable Appearance

TheEllenShow on YouTube

He is sooooo little and cute!

His Best Performance

Bieber sang "As Long As You Love Me" on Ellen (plus, he did it all acoustic), and I do belieb he did a pretty amazing job.