7 Stylish Ways To Have A Halloween Night In

The season of spooky fêtes is upon us — costume contests, candy corn cake, the Monster Mash party mix. For some, Halloween is an excuse to showcase their creative sartorial chops, with everything from pop culture get-ups to comic book heroines. But for others, Halloween may translate to horror movie marathons and pajamas — no fancy gear necessary, no bar-hopping required. Planning on calling it a night in this Halloween? You're not alone.

As if really need ten reasons to skip the Halloween chaos this year. Just remember: Halloween can celebrated right from the comforts of your own bedroom. Forget about splurging on store-brought confections or frantically fighting through a last minute DIY — when you're chilling in your humble abode, the dress code is all about casual and comfort. And on the beauty front? Vampires and zombies are tempting in theory, but save the intricate makeup for next year and instead embrace the simplicity.

After all, this is your night-in to unwind without the typical Halloween extravagancy. But have no fear — you can still incorporate some ghostly touches to your evening. If you've got no clue on what to wear, here's seven ways to ensure that you stay forever cozy and stylish this Halloween. Add Netflix, take-out, and voilà, you're good to go.

1. That's The Spirit!

If you're anything like me and are secretly afraid to tamper with the Ouija board, you can take the safe way out with socks. I mean, there's nothing harmful about Ouija-inspired socks — right? Otherwise, for you brave souls out there: go ahead and take on the real deal. But if you end up with cold feet by the end of the evening, don't go pointing fingers — I warned you.

Bewitch Way To The Party? Socks, $12.99,

2. Treat Yo Self

One can never go wrong with a relaxed, fitted tee when it comes to the R&R uniform. This "Twerk Or Treat" tee is the perfect balance of pop culture phenomenon meets traditional holiday — but actual twerking optional.

ASOS Halloween T-Shirt, $25.08,

3. Sweater Weather

Make Sabrina Spellman and the Sanderson sisters proud by channeling your inner witch this Halloween. An ultra cozy sweater is the number one requirement for a night-in, and this combo fits just the bill. Salem may be miles away, but you can still stay true to your haunting roots right at home.

ASOS Halloween Jumper, $53.75,

4. PSL Aesthetic

No Halloween is complete without some sort of reference to the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte. Naturally, a knitted pumpkin beanie is the most appropriate headgear for your lazy night in. Want to complete the package? Brew your own (spiked) pumpkin spiced lattes with your besties. If this isn't friendship bonding, than I don't know what is.

ASOS Halloween Pumpkin Beanie, $17.92,

5. The Mummy Returns

No costume, no problem. The beauty of Halloween at home means you have free reigns to wear whatever your heart desires. And by that, I mean a set of blissfully comfortable PJs. Before you settle in for your Alfred Hitchcock binge-watch, throw on this mummy-inspired pajama set to ensure the utmost enjoyment.

ASOS Halloween Mummy Pajama Set, $29.56,

6. Sleep Tight

Ready to call it a night? Rest in peace with a feline sleeping mask. Black cats are just misunderstood creatures, alright?

Neon Cat Sleeping Mask, $18.00,

7. Nailed It

Call it a spa night with a Halloween-inspired mani/pedi. This sinister shade of red is vampy and oh-so perfect for any ghoulish activity.

Essie Nail Color in "Wicked", $8.59,

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Images: Courtesy Brands