5SOS' Halloween Costumes Are "5 Seconds of Sexx"-y

It's already been established that I am in way too deep when it comes to 5 Seconds of Summer, so I knew that the band's Halloween costumes for their iHeartRadio performance this week were going to be epic AF. What I wasn't expecting? 5 Seconds of Sexx, 5SOS' Halloween alter ego that guys have become obsessed with since performing in costume on Oct. 29. The band went into full-on heavy metal rock gods mode, donning everything from skin-tight leopard print ensembles to long wigs to black nail polish and a smoky eye so badass you might want to steal it for your own beauty routine.

At first, it appeared that the band was channeling Poison (Luke Hemmings literally tweeted that he was Bret Michaels), but then the band announced that they're really 5 Seconds of Sexx, "t he best thing since sliced bread." I mean, they changed their Twitter names to Lucas Loxx, Ashton Axxe, Michael Magixx, and Calum Coxx, the latter of which has been trending all morning because of the possible penis reference (sorry, but it's probably true).

As is customary around Halloween or basically whenever 5SOS get really into something, the guys also changed their Twitter bios, headers, and photos in order to reflect their ~Sexxy~ new band (had to), sharing dozens of pictures, puns, and references to their new group all across social media.

It's kind of adorable how into their alter ego they are — there's something so endearing about the fact that they're legit rock stars IRL but still get childlike excitement over dressing up as a group of badass rockers. But the guys also have the talent to back it up, performing several of their hits for lucky fans who weren't me (siiiigh) at iHeartRadio Thursday night. And it was clear from the livestream (and subsequent videos) that being in costume and impersonating heavy metal musicians gave the band so much life and even more energy than they normally have, which is saying a lot because these guys are freaking passionate on stage. Just check out their cover of "What I Like About You" below:

If this is 5 Seconds of Sexx, I'm perfectly OK with it. Happy Halloween!