Kylie Jenner Has Revealed Her Halloween Costume

You'd be lying if you said you weren't anxiously waiting to see what this celeb was going to be for Halloween. The 18-year-old starlet pretty much uses every single day of the year as an excuse to play dress up, so the stakes were set pretty high for Halloween. Kylie Jenner dressed up as a sexy snow princess, keeping it surprisingly tame for the Anastasia Beverly Hills' Halloween party, and her makeup was predictably on point. However, the look isn't perfect by any means.

Jenner ditched her black hair once again in favor of some platinum blonde locks to enhance her snow bunny look. To match her all white costume and play up the snow queen theme, Jenner rocked some seriously glittery eye makeup, that was absolutely mesmerizing. She shared an Instagram video of her blinking coyly to show off her makeup, and it's enchanting.

The costume is not without its problems, however. If she was going for the snow princess look, then great — she nailed it! But, the overall outfit could be viewed as culturally appropriative, especially since she referred to herself as an "Eskimo" in one of her Instagram posts about the costume, which is often considered to be an offensive term.

If you're looking to do a snow queen costume the sensitive way, you'll want to gather some glitter makeup (and let's be honest, who isn't always low key on the prowl for glitter?). There are plenty of options at a variety of price points, and plenty of options for those of you who want something more subtle and for those of you who want a little glittery drama.

Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

Bondage Makeup Adhesive, $14, Urban Decay

This glitter is not for the faint of heart. You basically glue it to your eyes using Urban Decay's Bondage Makeup Adhesive, but it will give you the coolest and most dramatic effect. (Heavy Metal Loose Glitter)

Wet n Wild Beauty's Color Icon Glitter Single

Wet n Wild Glitter Single, $1, Walgreens

This glitter single is not only affordable at 99 cents, but it also goes on fairly mild. Your eyes won't be caked in glitter, but you will get a bit of sparkle on top of your regular powder eyeshadow. Be careful though — it can get clumpy if you use too much.

Sigma Beauty Loose Shimmer & Glitter Set

Loose Shimmer Glitter Set, $21, Sigma

This shimmer & glitter set just looks like something a snow princess would wear. Plus, you can use the pink and white versions as a highlighter.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal 24 HR Cream Gel Shadow

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal in Silver, $24, Walgreens

What's a girl to do if she wants sparkly eye makeup on a daily basis, but doesn't want to look insane? Keep it subtle with Maybelline's Color Tattoo Cream Shadow. It'll make your eyes icy and sparkly without being straight up glittery.

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Images: Courtesy Brands