7 Movies With Male Casts That Need A Gender-swapped Reboot, Stat

Normally, I am not a fan of movie remakes on principle. Taking a good (often great) movie and churning out a "modern" take on an already amazing story rarely ever ends well. However, if a remake can add a new dimension to the story and stand alone as its own movie, then I think there is some merit in a re-imagining. For instance, gender-swapping male dominated movies intrigues me. I am psyched for the all-female Ghostbusters, and the rumors of a potential Ocean's Eleven female-led reboot is enough to make this girl giddy. The reason for this is because gender-swapping isn't about sliding women into roles originally written for men, having them spout the same lines, and then calling it a day — it is often about exploring a traditionally male set-up from a female perspective. It also creates scenarios where Hollywood blockbusters can be built around amazing actresses instead of them being relegated to the thankless role of girlfriend or wife to the hero.

Movies with casts that are almost exclusively made up of men are all too common in Hollywood, especially when it comes to blockbuster fair. Why should guys have all the fun? Thanks to movies like Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, and Spy, it is clear talented actresses can put butts in box office seats. If the new Ghostbusters is a success, there will be more gender-swapped movies on the horizon, and since Ghostbusters is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome, here are a few more movies Hollywood can add to their list of stories that would be even cooler with awesome women.

1. The Hangover

Men aren't the only ones who have wild nights. I would love to see a movie about a group of female best friends having a last hurrah before one of them tied the knot. Just imagine Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Mindy Kaling running amok in Las Vegas after losing the bride (Tina Fey, of course). Poehler's reaction to finding a tiger in the bathroom would be cinematic gold alone.

2. Men In Black

Men in Black 3 introduced Emma Thompson as Agent O, head of the Agency, and it was the best move the franchise could have possibly made. Now, they just need to pair her with a rookie and let the women fighting aliens action begin. The franchise is due for a reboot and as much as I love Will Smith, I would be fine with him stepping down and letting an actress like Zoe Saldana take the lead.

3. The Fast & The Furious

Ronda Rousey already starred in Furious 7, so let's just give her the franchise and round it out with a collection of car racing women who get into preposterous jams and treat each other like family. I would watch that movie so hard, guys.

4. Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino's debut movie introduced the world to his blood-soaked, pulp style, and it was mesmerizing. If he wanted to re-tell his famed story of a diamond heist gone wrong with women, is anyone really going to argue with him? Tarantino's muse Uma Thurman would be perfect to star, and I could see Cate Blanchett, Lucy Liu, and Michelle Rodriguez all joining in the fun too.

5. Sherlock Holmes

The public's appetite for Sherlock Holmes adaptations doesn't seem to be abating anytime soon. CBS' Elementary already successfully gave the world a female Watson, now Hollywood needs to step up and introduce a female Holmes. Personally, my first pick for a lady Holmes would be Rosamund Pike, who proved in Gone Girl she can be cool and calculated. Put Carey Mulligan by her side as Watson and a new version of Holmes and Watson is born.

6. Star Trek

I adore the cast of the modern Star Trek movies, but I want to see a space adventure anchored by a group of hyper-intelligent, adventurous women. If a female Kirk turned out to be anything like a female Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica did, then the franchise would get a serious kick in the pants. Space movies so rarely put women front and center, and a franchise like Star Trek, which has always broken down race and gender barriers,would be the perfect place to go all in with a female crew.

7. Sideways

Why do guys get all the good mid-life crisis movies? Sally Field and Susan Sarandon could take a movie like Sideways to a whole new level. Hollywood is so resistant to the idea of having women talk about age, a mid-life crisis movie starring women be almost revolutionary — and funny, and sad, and bittersweet.

Gender-swapping movies is about expanding the idea of what women can do on film. From saving the world to working through midlife crises, it is vital that Hollywood realizes women can do everything men can do — and draw audiences at the same time.

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