Channing And Jenna Are Too Cute In Their Costumes

When one of the sexiest couples around goes dressed as characters from a book, well, this probably isn't what you'd picture. Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum dressed as The Cat in the Hat for Halloween, because when you look that good, you don’t have to play it up at all. Of all of the “sexy” things they could have been for Halloween, they decided to go a more simple and sweet route instead, and it turned out absolutely adorable.

I swear, they’re the only people who could make the Cat in the Hat look this good. Channing dressed up in a full on cat suit while Jenna went with a black bodice, skirt, and fish net tights, so the look wasn’t totally G-rated. They both painted little cat whiskers and noses on their faces and couldn’t have looked cuter drawing inspiration from a children’s book. Maybe it’s their daughter who influenced their look? I can’t know for sure, but I’d say she definitely had something to do with it.

See how they partied at the Casamigos Tequila party, because nothing goes better together than tequila and Dr. Seuss right? Well, apparently so. They’ve got this whole couple’s costume thing down pat with their Cat in the Hat ensembles (I couldn’t resist a little rhyming).

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Aren't they just the cutest couple you ever did see?

Her tiny hat is adorable.

Tequila and Dr. Seuss are a match made in heaven.

Couple costume game strong.

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