9 Movies About Food That Are Totally Drool-Worthy

As a person who very much enjoys eating food, looking at food, and watching TV programs about food, I also happen to love movies about food. I am a bit of a food connoisseur, you might say. That is why I was thrilled to see Bradley Cooper back in the kitchen in Burnt . (Anyone remember, Kitchen Confidential? Anyone? Bueller?) The combination of Cooper and delectable images of gorgeously plated food is the stuff my very best daydreams are made of. Burnt is just the latest in a long line of movies where stars took second billing behind chocolate, pasta, and soufflés. Movies and food have always made the very best bedfellows.

Maybe it is because food just looks so good on screen or because the joy of delving into a good meal is one of life's great equalizers, but for whatever reason Hollywood and food have a great relationship. From movies about chefs to ones that delve into the way food connects people to their family and cultures, there are plenty of cinematic treats out there for foodies. Be warned though, these movies will induce hardcore drooling over the scrumptious food on display. That is the best part though, you know?

1. Ratatouille

A movie starring a rat who is also an expert chef doesn't sound appealing, but Ratatouille is one of the greatest food movies ever made. Not only are the images of French delicacies downright scrumptious, the movie gets the connection between food and memory on a deep level. Good food, like a good movie, can transport you to another time.

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2. Chocolat

It is hard to imagine anyone or anything upstaging Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, but the chocolate in Chocolat is impossible to look away from. Binoche's character rolls into an uptight English village like the Kevin Bacon of chocolate and she ends up completely changing everyone's worldview. Such is the power of a well-crafted truffle or a warm, luscious cup of hot chocolate.

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3. Julie & Julia

Julia Child has inspired so many people to cook, it is no wonder a story about her life would feature an abundance of beautiful (and sometimes funny) images of food. The movie lovingly focuses in on the trials and joys of preparing food making this movie the ultimate love letter to anyone who enjoys cooking.

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4. Chef

Chef is a completely underrated movie from 2014 starring Jon Favreau as a restaurant chef who gets back in touch with his creativity by buying a food truck and hitting the road with his son. The movie delves into the cultural and familial aspects of sharing food and experiences. Just don't watch it on a plane like I did because staring at all the brisket, pasta, and po' boys you can't have because you're stuck with complimentary peanuts will make you weep in despair.

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5. Burnt

I don't love the angry chef trope, but despite Cooper's character throwing temper tantrums, the movie is still total food porn with an emphasis on plating. This is definitely one of those movies where you can devour two bags of popcorn before the credits roll.

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6. Mostly, Martha

This German film has an adorable love story at its core and a bonus cute kid who is adjusting to living with her aunt, but nothing quite compares to the culture clash that takes place in the kitchen. Italian and German cuisine mingle to create the kind of dishes food lover's dare not dream of. It doesn't help that the central couple have all of their most sensual encounters over food. The hunger is strong with this one.

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7. Babette's Feast

The big finale of Babette's Feast is a famously lavish dinner party scene in which the tiresome preparation of the food pays off as the guests dig into a meal they suspect might be sinful. They don't speak their appreciation aloud, but the meal changes each of their lives for the better. Meanwhile, you get to feast with your eyes which is almost as good.

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8. Like Water For Chocolate

Food is magic in this film where the preparation of a meal can turn it into a spell of sorts, inducing sadness, love, or happiness. The real magic is in watching this romantic food drama though. It showcases Mexican dishes with such attention to detail you will want to run, not walk, to your kitchen when it's over.

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9. It's Complicated

It's Complicated pretends to be a movie about relationships, but it's all lies, I tell you! It's secretly a movie about sexy kitchens and baking. There are just so many pastries and I want to devour all of them.

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I don't recommend watching these tasty films back to back unless you have a fully stocked cupboard. Trust me, they will make you hungry and you'll love every minute of it.

Images: The Weinstein Company; Giphy (6); Miramax/YouTube; Paramount/YouTube; citronsdor/Tumblr