Kylie Jenner Brought It With Her Assassin Costume

Talk about squad goals: Kylie Jenner's 2015 Halloween costume came complete with a group of ninjas having her back. Eighteen-year-old Jenner dressed up in a tricked-out, skin-baring assassin costume, complete with shoulder plates, arm guards, a thigh-split skirt, and killer open-toed thigh-high boots. Of course, no Halloween costume is complete without a badass hairstyle, which Jenner delivered by clipping in 40-inch long extensions and gathering up her long locks into a high ponytail. While she didn't specifically mention that this look was meant to resemble a Xena Warrior Princess getup, it looks super close to me.

Meanwhile, she struck a killer pose with sword in hand while her ninjas got ready to bring it with their daggers and swords strapped to their backs. Talk about an awesome group costume.

Though you would think this outfit might satisfy any costume goals for Oct. 31, this wasn't Jenner's only Halloween look. Just a day before posting this snap, she was sporting something completely different — giving off a snow princess vibe by wearing an all-white look that included a fur-trimmed skirt with a matching bra, a furry cape, and fur-covered boots. Although it was a cute look, who can say no to a costume change? Her Xena-esque ensemble definitely amped the fierce factor.

While Jenner was busy looking stealthy with her squad, here's what the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan was up to on Oct. 31.

1. Kourtney K Got Herself An A-Team

Kourtney Kardashian and her kiddos dressed up as superheroes when trick-or-treating, donning Captain America shields, The Flash masks, and suiting up in Spiderman getups. As far as group costumes go, this one is pretty darn sweet. Especially since mom and daughter are matching — aw!

2. Kim K Dressed Up As Herself, Because She's Amazing

This year, Kim Kardashian decided to go with a tongue-in-cheek costume and brought out her controversial 2013 Met Gala dress (the one she got all the flak for). Posting it on her Instagram, she hilariously wrote, "I think I nailed the Kim K. costume," letting us know she's not at all bothered by the media's opinions of her and her style.

3. Kendall J Went As Lady [Carl] KARL

Throwing a nod to her modeling roots, Kendall Jenner decided to dress up as the female version of Karl Lagerfeld, which is, admittedly, pretty amazing. Sporting fishnets and a sparkly leotard, she definitely gives off Lagerfeld-like vibes. She's got that silver hair and Chanel bow down to a T.

4. North West Got Her Elsa On

This just proves that North West is like any other little girl: She might wear Prada, but she's equally as obsessed with Elsa as any other 2-year-old. I wonder how many "Let It Go" duets Kanye has to go through on a weekly basis?

Not that there was ever any doubt it would, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan has nailed Halloween.