Beyonce & Jay Z Dress Up As 'Coming To America' Cast For Halloween, But Blue Ivy Steals The Show — PHOTO

Since they're practically the king and queen of the music scene, it's fitting that Jay Z and Beyoncé dressed up as royalty this Halloween. While there have been plenty of amazing celebrity costumes this year, this one definitely ranks among the best. Jay and Bey chose to pay tribute to Eddie Murphy's classic comedy Coming To America . They even got Blue Ivy to join in on the fun! If there's one thing that Neil Patrick Harris has taught us, it's that family costumes are the best costumes. It looks like the Carters took a page out of NPH's book and decided to go all out with a family Halloween this year.

Honestly, Beyoncé and crew really nailed the look. Jay Z dressed up as Eddie Murphy's lead role — Prince Akeem. He wore a mustache, pinky ring, and (hopefully faux) animal skin on his shoulder to get the costume just right. Meanwhile, Beyoncé was a literal queen. She dressed as Queen Aoleon, aka Prince Akeem's mother in the movie, with a patterned dress and head wrap. She also draped herself in fur. If these two outfits were the whole costume, it still would've been worthy of a round of applause. But because it's Bey-Z we're talking about, obviously they took things to the next level.

By taking things to the next level, I mean they brought Blue Ivy into the costume. The toddler dressed up as Imani Izzi, the wannabe queen who Prince Akeem's parents (unsuccessfully) try to set him up with. She so badly wants to win the prince's heart that she does anything he asks — like barking or hopping around on one foot. While the character is such a pushover, I wouldn't say the same of Blue Ivy. That kid looked fierce! Her hair is absolutely perfect and her gown is gorgeous. Basically she stole the show. No surprise there, right?

Just in case anyone needs a refresher, here's the Coming To America trailer.

THX1968 on YouTube

To prove how great their costumes really were, here's Beyoncé's Instagram of the whole Carter clan:

In the words of Queen Bey herself, this family's costume is FLAWLESS.